Capcom vs. Snk 3? - ono says maybe

I found what I like to call a VIDEOno interview, with ono talking about a cvs3 possibility. ( Follow the link here to ono video and transcript*Not In English )

It’s good to know that it isn’t impossible. Even better that they would have no reason to not redo all the sprites this time around due to the awesomeness of SNK’s KoF12 (If SNK can get past using the same sprites for over a decade, then Capcom should too!).

This sounds familiar:confused:

In before lock.

Old news, etc.

Deja Vu? Atleast he provided links this time, albeit repeated ones. Better than, “So I heard CVS2 is being made” WHERE DID YOU HEAR THIS MOTHERFUCKER.

Eh it’s not a huge deal. Just make sure to search the forums before posting news you stumble across.

It’s been made obvious to me during my few weeks here that SRK members are all over any FG news & rumors faster than flies on shit.

what surprise me more its that is a 2000’s member who did it this time :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t see any posts on srk about a VIDEOno interview talking about a possiblity of cvs3, sorry if I missed that. - I’ll go look some more and see if I find anything…

I’m personally of the mindset that one should not be judged by their join date, but rather by the content of their posts / topics.

Of course, I’m a 2009 member and therefore know nothing.

…and maybe just about means no.

ono is full of shit

Don’t the Japanese use “maybe” for “no” because it’s more polite?

yes especially ono

Except they have a nice nice engine that doesn’t require (supposedly) nearly as much work as drawing sprites in their SFIV/TVC engine.


J-guy: baby, would you marry me
J-girl: Maybe

… yeah i know pretty lame :sweat:

You could change the actual join date with certain permissions, you know.

i would rather have CVS3 than SF4, hands down. SF4 is like SF2T2… oldish style with good graphics, new characters, a the save attack, and not that special.

not saying I am not going to learn it, hell, im buying it for ps3 on the 12th.

CVS3 would be a 85% favor over SF4. ya this is just a random guess, but i definatly know it aint 100%.

i still rather play CVS2 over SF4 though… better yet, 3S