Capcom Vs Snk 3 part 1 style

I think if capcom made Capcom vs Snk 3 they should go back to the original style of the first one. What I mean is how each level started with some kind intro that transition to the fight example, Osaka stage that started out dark and then transition to the fight etc. I also like the dramatic music they used when a character is near defeat and the announcer’s voice. That gave the a game much more class. I was disappointed when they changed it on the second one.

Cool story bro


I really hope you don’t plan on making Part 2 and 3 threads.

First the thread about wanting Elena to be down-loadable content for SSFIV and now this, geez it just doesn’t stop

In that thread’s defense though . . . Elena is a cool character. :slight_smile:

I just want them to make a CvS3 period. Too bad it’ll never happen . . .

The answer is to have Fighting Game Discussion, then a hidden real FGD where people actually discuss fighting games.


With a name like “divine cad” you must be godlike at designing things. or at constantly being a disappointment to the people around you.

C V S 3 like CVS (part 1)

Oh, little faith… doesn’t anyone have anything positive to say lol. Capcom was generous enough to make Super Street Fighter 4 and listened to fans, You never know Capcom may make CVS 3 if more fans demand it!. Personally I thought CVS Part 1 was cooler with the fighting intros and the announcers they had. It put me more into the fighting game. The ex moves were cool to which added extra combos- I know almost all moves were added in CVS 2, which would be added also with CVS 3 I know people don’t like to switch up on EX characters all the time.

I like CvS2 more than the first one for many . . . MANY . . . reasons. I’m personally surprised that you could tolerate the first one for more than five minutes, but to each his own.

I doubt Capcom’s willingness to make any more SNK crossovers any time soon, but I guess it’s always a possibility.

Shawn, before you can have an opinion on CVS 1, you need to play it first…

this reminds me of gamefaqs . they are so serious , yet stupid and funny .

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