Capcom vs SNK Chaos

Hey I was wondering if there is any info on how to play CVS 1, Neo Geo style.

Alot of PPL at my arcade play it because it is the only game like it, we have:

  • 2x MvC2 Machines
  • 2x CvS
  • Tekken 5
  • Kof XI -dual screen

And out of that entire selection everyone pix CvS… Go figure.

Any who, I was just wondering if anyone had any in depth Knowledge on the game that they could share. Stuff like combos (or rushs), cancels, links, advanced movement strategys. Any thing would help. Right now Im playing hugo for his reach and major grab damage. And the only reason why I know how to play him is because I picked him up in 3S.

Just any input on the game would be superb. One question I do have that I really want answered is, why do the characters flash sometime…? Is that a signal that someone canceled? There doesnt seem to be a parry system or a roll system in the game.

Just flow input if possible, thx

It’s actually called SvC Chaos, not capcom vs Snk chaos.

I’m sure there’s information on the game if you do a search for SvC chaos instead of CvS chaos.

And the basic information on SvC can be found on

When they flash, it means they cancelled something when in maxmode. In maxmode you can cancel any normal, and some specials, into some other special (that has a cancel into property).

The key to this game is learning how to guard cancel front step, as it can be used to punish almost anything, even a simple poke. If you don’t know how to do this, then almost everything in the game will seem unpunishable to you.

:r:.:r: or :snka:+:snkb: soon as you block an attack. You’ll dash forward with a little invincibility.

It can be cancelled into stuff (e.g. GCFS->hop, GCFS->throw, or most of all GCFS->combo)

Top tier is Geese and Zero btw.

Old threads on the game:
^Last post in this one is sort of harsh but true

psychochronic and I are writin FAQ’s for the game so u can ask me, jsut getcha ass on AIM ok.

U wanna win ? … just play with O. Iori, Zero, Geese or Tabassa.

Trust me … I know what Im talking about.

awwwwwwwwww … such good memories …

I miss u Art =(