Capcom vs SNK Comic...what happened to it?

is it available somewhere or what?!

It is available in Hong Kong. Looks allot like a Jademan comic you can find some books on ebay that are combined issues. But not too many.

I just found out that there are 3 tpb :o
the art looks awesome

Comicsone announced the news to early before they finalized the deal with Capcom. Capcom USA pulled the plug on it, so Comicsone is bringing out a Hong Kong KOF comic instead.

The Artwork in the SVC comic was great, the story was terrible. Characters from Card Fighters Clash Cap and Shin are in it as Gods, Ryu lost to Ryo, Sagat(Who Terry beat with one punch) and DAN. Even though Dan had Gouki’s strength for a bit, that’s still hella stupid. The comic also contained usual Hong Kong Comic stuff. People getting limbs chopped off and getting better. And don’t forget the great scene where Gouki and Mr. Karate were riding Tyranasaurus Rexes like Horses…

oh man that story sounds dumb as hell…in that case I wont be missing anything

I thought Mr. Karate Kills Ryu and Akuma Killed Kyo as well as Terry losing to Vega? Thats just what I thought maybe a diffrent HK series.

Ryu and Kyo did not get killed, just got their Asses kicked. Terry fought Vega(Cape), Mike Bison(Boxer) and Orochi Iori at the same time, got knocked out of the window, Balrog(ninja, Vega in the US) caught him before he hit the pavement. Lots of people saw that pic and thought Balrog defeated Terry, but that wasn’t the case. And yes, we are talking about the same series.

hehe crazy hong kong comics, t-rexs, hehe

i do have the first two issues of the original hong kong version but my chinese reading is a little shoddy so i don’t have a clue what its on about. but from what sano says, i’m sorta glad…the arts really nice, especially the first few pages which inenact the intro to svc choas

and all these dumb plots and never released in the us comics bring us back to the one question…WHY ISNT UDON DOING A SNK VS CAPCOM COMIC!!!

There are at least some nice things I can say about the SVC Comic.

Each Issue contained an exert from the All About Capcom/SNK Books, but since these books still have not been released in English, fat chance on us getting the exerts.

The Issues had lots of Posters of old SNK/Capcom crossover drawings SNK did back in the day so if you missed them, here was your chance.

Although Ryu got beat up a lot, he did finish strong. He defeated Shin Mr. Karate and Athena.(Athena beat up Gouki before.) Kyo beat Shin Gouki and then Red Arramer.

There is a very accurate depiction about what happened to Balrog’s(Ninja) Mother. Something I’ve never seen in ANY Street Fighter Comic Book, it’s like straight out of the All About Books.

The best part in the entire series was when Iori was surrounded by Monitor Cyborgs in front of the Neo Geo Arcade. It was like a fusion of the two Movies, the Fatal Fury Movie and the SF2 Animated Movie, both that came out in the summer of '94, so it was like a blast from the past!

And that’s about it for good stuff. The rest of it was bad. Although it was a hell of a lot better than any other Hong Kong SF Comic. Still, I’d much rather have a KOF Comic since the only KOF Merchandise we’ve gotten in the US outside of games were those ooogly toys where Kyo had lipstick on… Well, I’m looking forward to the CVS Toys!

If you think the SVC comic was bad (and it was pretty dumb), try reading the CVS one… Whooo, boy.

Time_Stop - Yeah, I totally missed the CVS one. I heard it was really bad. Any craptacular CVS comic moments you’d care to share?

Ahhh that would explain it I have only seen bits and pieces of it so thanks for explaining that. Cuz I was like WTF?!?! Where exactly did you get the series at?

I got the comics in China Town in New York City. A new issue came out every week, some I missed, some never even came to New York, as what happens with Hong Kong Comics here. The guy at the store knew me after a while because I came every week at the same time, so a lot of weeks I couldn’t get there (books like these are usually under ordered and if you don’t buy them the same week, they are sold out) he would put them to the side for me whenever I came down. :karate: I think in total I’m missing about 5 or so Issues.

snk vs capcom choas comic did suck but geese was god in it.

Damn man I dont have that kind of luck here in Colorado. My family lives in HK but none of them would know what the hell I would be talking about if I asked them to buy SVC comics. I need to get me that book now!

Well, I don’t see how you’ll be able to track down 20 or so seperate issues, it’s going to be very hard, only if they compile the series into Graphic Novels or something.

And again, it’s not that great. The upcoming KOF 2003 series from Comicsone should be MUCH better.

I doubt any HK comic based on a fighting game is worth the trouble looking for these days. KOF’s not looking too good either. They brought Orochi back during the NESTS saga and included a fight between Krizalid and the Metal Slug crew. How stupid is that?

WOW! I am flaberasted! :wow:

for those who haven’t been able to get their hands on SF Legends, i scanned a few preview pages:

i agree with everybody else, this book was hilarious, great fun :slight_smile: