Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000

Does anyone play it? Is there any online site for tiers, info etc. I am just a big fan of this game on Dreamcast. I know CvSNK2 is the game of choice, but i was just curious.


nope !

who wants to roll and throw all day anyway

There already was a CvSNK 1 thread a couple of months ago. The latest ver. is CvSNK Pro which was released, arcade port, to the Dreamcast for Japan only IIRC and fixed some stuff in the game.


Don’t take this as pure fact, but I’ve heard the tops were Ryu, Guile, Nak, and 4 little girls or something.

Ryu top tier?

I’m fucking sold!

Nak was god tier. Ambiguous crossup ftw. Guile was just below the bitch and everyone else was either good or mediocre. Game is still fun till this day. EX Rog was pretty good, too.

Really? How good was he?

Funny thing is that the arcade i play marvel at never got part 2(thats what we call it) so we play this ver. all the time. Nak is god, but only one guy ever came, and used her to that extent. Everyone got mad. lol

IMO if the game had Alpha counter it would’ve been very playable game.

Guys this is the only arcade game that’s near me.

I just got back from playing it and got 2nd on the rankings.

Can someone tell me the tiers?

Nakoruru was top. Beasted on all characters (especially ratio 1s) except for Guile.

Guile was probably 2nd.

SNK-grove Mai was decent as well. As was Balrog (boxer).

Ratio 3s were garbage for the most part.

Sorry to resurrect an old ass thread, but is there still any place that has strategies for this game? I’m trying a Nako and Sak team ( the arcade near me makes everyone 2 ratios). Everyone keeps picking Geese, Zangief, Yamazaki, Guile and they all go EX. Before they changed it to 2 2-ratio’s, I used Nako/Sak/Yuri.

i love this game… i have it for DC (tha jap rls, but not the one with Dan & Joe) and recently i bought the official game guide (from HK, it’s the official one from capcom asia). It’s really a good one but u need to know chinese, anyway there are plenty of pics and for every char there is an ex. of a combo :slight_smile:

Ryu is good in this game? Since when. Nak rapes shotos free. What the fuck didn’t Nak have. The bird, mixups, ambiguous crossups, a low slide under any fireballs. Her dash angels were blindingly fast, had fucking ridiculous hitboxes, and were impossible to punish on reaction. Nak was a fucking pain in a ass in this game. It’s a good thing I mained her :wgrin:

Guile was good too, great anti air options, good hit boxes on sonic booms, and I believe his air throw had a lot of decent range. SNK groove, get him low, and spam the living fuck out of level 1 those lvl 1 supers. Well at least that’s what I did. Seriously I don’t think I played against anyone too good.

But all these years later seeing Guile and Nak at God and top tier respectively, looks like I mad the right character choice. I know I use to fuck up people really bad in this game in arcades. Man, I really want to play it again now that its been brought up.

I hope you’re only being facetious.

This game is a waste of time.

People complain about rolling in CvS2; this game makes it nearly unstoppable. Ratio system is retarded (why it is even there?).

CvS2 trumps this game in everyway possible, except maybe music and presentation. I’ve had the “honor” of playing this in a few local tourneys and its just retarded. I don’t know about CvS Pro fixing a lot, but I do know that CvS Pro revisions got carried over to CvS2, which could have been avoided if more people had played it and pointed out the problems.

But seeing as vanilla CvS was so ass, I can’t blame them.

What did Ryu have to stop Nak? Mind you, I haven’t played this game in YEARS (I’m talking about like since 2001). I only played in arcades or Dreamcast, and I never came across a really good Ryu player.

Tech Romancer, you just have to admit to yourself that you probably suck at this game. Rolls are powerful in this game, no doubt, but there is no reason why you should be getting owned by them. Only scrubs roll a lot anyway. Roll isn’t an answer to everything. I remember the rolls being a lot less punishable in CVS 1, but predictable rolling usually gets you owned. So you can sum up a game design based on playing the game in casuals for maybe a few hours, without really exploring the game. If for some reason you didn’t like it as a matter of taste, that’s understandable.

Oh and BTW, the music in this game sucked. Boring techno music. The remakes were nice though especially the remake of Ryu music on the special stage. the graphics and character select screen was godlike

If I didn’t like it as a matter of taste, I would say that.

Thanks though, for making more of your mindless assumptions about what I have played and what level I have played it at.

The game is fun, but for competitive play it is worthless next to CvS2 or Pro. This is a fact.

Yes it is less competitive than CVS 2, but the thing is I doubt you can elaborate on why it is. Rolls are not what breaks this game anyway, it’s Nak and her bullshit. Seriously I use to play Nak, and years later I find out she’s nearly God tier. And trust me, Nak is beyond ridiculous in this game, on top of being really easy to use.

I should give you the time of day, why, again?