Capcom vs SNK piece (not my drawing)

Dont know if the guy that did this posted it here already…just wanted to share his work here. It’s a Capcom vs SNK piece…well hope you guys enjoy it. Again I did not draw this…thanks.


Heres the colored version of the drawing I posted above…dont know who did the colors. Later.


This would be the first time i’ve seen this picture, but i think it’s awesome, if not a little small. The colours are good also, it seems very official, i like the concept of two ‘armies’ about to engage in battle. I guess it’s not that original considering it’s game called Capcom Vs SNK, but it’s been done really well.

Anyway on the subject of showing other artist’s work, i found this artist on Deviantart. Dang, i know some people have natural talent, but this guy is 18 - it’s sickening how awesome he is. Sigh…

Here’s the link:

@jz_chu237: 18? Bah, you just need lotsa training. Fuck that natural talent thing. I could probebly get to that level too if I work hard for the next two years as I’ve worked for the past two years. And that’ll be 4 years of training and no natural talent what-so-ever.

About the drawing itself:
It’s a good thing there’s a colored version 'cause I couldn’t figure out half of it in the sketch.
I really like the fact that Terry and Ken are in the front, that adds originality and totaly removes any suspicions of it being official.

The image is too small, though. I can’t recognise who’s there next to Haomaru and it took me ages to figure out that Dahlsim isn’t Balrog’s arm.

I like the fact that there are original match ups like Bison-Orochi, Strider-Hibiki, Donovan-Rock (now this one is brilliant) etc. etc.

I think the colouring is absolutely brilliant. There must be a bigger pic lying somewhere around.

I think your drawing skills depends greatly on your upbringing and the environment you live in.

…and Cammy’s pose is goofy.:smiley:

I agree with Twelve. Cammy is just flyin in outta no where… kinda silly. The B&W was really hard to figure out. The coloring is way cool tho.

Pretty good piece whoever did it. Layout and colors are good, but the drawing gets lost a bit.

Yeah it totally depends on your environment and your aficionado for art. If all your friends draw like Rob Liefield so will you. If everyone college drw and painted like highschool where is the motivation?

You need someone to really shut your face up so you can evolve, which is my case. Everyone I know is way better than me which really sucks so i gotta work harder.

Hard work practice

SFMC: LOL… dont get me started on Rob.L…lol

Exactly Bro, the countless times Ive walk into Life drawing Class, only to glance over at others and there is always one artist who has a PhotoREALISTIC drawing they pulled off in 15 minutes!-

which I tell myself then , much more hard work is needed- there is Never a limit… Learning is Infinite-
Talent is one thing, but -IT takes Hard Work and DETERMINATION despite negative comments…it dosnt just happen, yeah some grasp it quicker more than others where can talent be without practice? the amount of awesome artists on Devart and the comic world is a sight to behold- Danimation, Jo-Chen, Alvin Lee, MarkBrooks, Artgerm…
Interesting composition he has here- its quite small, it hard to make out alot of these guys…thank god for the colour composition though…:slight_smile:

this pic would be freakin awsome if it would be alittle bigger, and the color is teffific…yea Alvin Lee is a awsome artist…


I’m sorry, fella, but no. You cannot get that good in a matter of 4 years. That guy’s probably been working hard for most of his natural life. He’s 18 and he can paint like f’in Craig Mullins. Give the man some props for chirst’s sake, instead of saying “oh, I could do that if I worked hard” Seriously.

The reason it’s so small it’s cause I wont let me go any bigger with it. Since they only allow certain sized images on here…there is a link for them though. They are geocities but you wont be able to view since people are checking it out constantly. I’ll see if I can find another plave to post a bigger picture of it. Alright talk to you all later.


Bullshit. You’re saying he started training CG in pre-school? pfff. I have a friend who’s been drawing for around two, three years and by the age of 18 he’ll be pretty much the same, or better.

I never said anything about him learning photoshop when he was a child. Being able to do art like that goes far beyond “CG training”. Digital art ain’t a free ticket to beautiful drawings/paintings. All of the techniques and theories in digital art are rooted in traditional art.

I agree that this 18 yearold guys stuff is nice but he’s not as good as some of you are making him out to be. He’s good at photoshop yes, but could he paint that with actual paint? No. Photoshop can make a mediocre artist a master with a little something called the eyedropper tool. Those might not even be his own colours. So until I see some of his real art I’m not willing to call this guy a child prodigy.

Umm, DerangedZombie, I can paint my stuff better with colored pencils than on the computer… what does that mean to you?

@CHAiNwhore: I still don’t get why won’t you agree that this level could be reached in 4 years… think of it. at the age of 14 a guy starts liking to draw, he gets really good within two years, within another two years he has gatherd so much training he can CG and draw at this quality. Two years are lots of time if you dedicate yourself to what you do. Four years are much more.

Coloured pencils are totally different than painting with oils or acrylics believe me it’s alot harder. I’m just saying that this guys style resembles a painting and it’s 100 times easier to paint in photoshop than it is in real life with brushes and canvas. No one can argue that. I’m just saying that this guy is good with photoshop but its doubtful he could paint like that in real life.

I see. I guess it Oil painting is difficult. But what about air brush painting? It’s easyer than oil painting and isn’t computer generated.

Personally, I don’t think that you have to be good at oil painting to be respected as an artist. If you can draw well and make good CGs, why should you do thigs the hard way?

Yah, what you say is true B.D., being able to paint with actual paint doesn’t seem to matter as much nowadays. But thats exactly what I was saying, as long as you have a basic understanding of photoshop anyone can be a great painter.

All you guys have good points, but most of the time people who paint in real life have the upper hand. Most of the time I can tell by looking at your cg painting if you can really paint in real life.

my 2 cents on the whole drawing that good in four years thing, is that it is possible. I know this one guy that liked to doodle but kinda sucked, and in two years he was tearing it up. I guess having natural talent is a factor of course.