Capcom vs SNK piece (not my drawing)

I’m sorry, I didn’t really want to argue, but that statement is utterly false. A basic(or even advanced) understanding of photoshop will make no one a great painter. You have to separate the tool from the artist. That’s what photoshop is, a tool. It will not magically make you a great artist. The idea that a piece of software is more imortant than the human behind it - the idea that a machine can turn any Joe Shmoe into a great painter - is simply degrading to artists. I have a decent understanding of photoshop, and I sure ain’t a great painter. There’s plenty of people on this board that have a basic understanding of photoshop. How many of them do I consider great painters? One? Maybe two?

Sorry I got this thread so off-topic.

Umm there is no option called pimp out your painting filter in photoshop. You are not going to be a wayne gretzky by wearing 500 dollar skates.

No such thing as natural talent either. If this was true then a newborn could already paint.

You can get good within 4 years. Transition from senior highschooler to an art school graduate, which is about 4 years unless you are going for masters. Depends how hard you work.

Ok everyone put up your works who has a basic understanding of photoshop. I’m expecting to see a Henri or John Singer S. No comic art please.

You fag asses have no idea what it takes. honestly you can get amazingly good in a short period of time but that takes some dedication. i beleive in natural talent but it will only take you so far. photoshop will NOT save you. if you think about it all oils,watercolor,color pencils, and photoshop is, is a tool to paint. only your understanding of how to draw and the way light travels can make you a good artist. the computer is a tool just like any traditional medium. i can see crappy photoshop work a mile away, some day you morons will be able to understand

I wasn’t saying there’s no such thing as crappy photoshop art, obviously there is and it’s done by people who have little to no skill with art to begin with. All I was saying is that if you’re a mediocre painter and you learn P.S. your digital paintings are gonna be a hell of a lot better than your real ones because it is clearly easier to paint in photoshop than it is on canvas, making you seem like a better painter.

@I Eat Dirt: Hmm… Never heard a newborn painting… but Mozart already played the piano at the age of 4 and he had bad hearing too. At least that’s what everyone said.

Sweet, wash your mouth with soap! I don’t care what you have to say if you’re gonna say it like that, you fucking tard! (that “you fucking tard” was to make you understand what I mean)

Photoshop makes no one better. The only thing it has over Oil painting is the eraser. I’d personaly like to stick with the eraser. For instance, why do you draw with a pencil and then ink your work? Everyone makes mistakes, but why should they all pay for it so dearly?

And about getting good fast, I’d show you my drawings from two years ago and my drawings today… You’d be :eek:ing for a while. :cool: