Capcom vs SNK Wrestler Collaboration

Team SNK (left hand side): Tizoc, Blue Mary & Raiden drawn by Marvin Law ( )

Team Capcom (right hand side): Hugo, R. Mika & Zangief drawn by fire-tisane ( )

This is the third Capcom vs. SNK collaboration between myself and fire-tisane, you can check out the previous ones here: and

This was a fun collaboration to do, since I’m a big fan of professional wrestling, this collaboration with fire-tisane was really easy and lots of fun for me to do. Not sure why fire-tisane decided to have Zangief with the championship belt, but I’m sure Raiden has something to say about it with his belt motion around his own waist, lol.

So if you love professional wrestling and just fighting games in general, you should come and check out the SLAM Webcomic at , cause you’ll love it, cause it has something for everybody.

haha… as an on-again,off-again wrestling fan, I quite enjoyed this pic. Mary’s too tall though. .
plus I think Mika’d look cooler tanding on top of Hugo & Gief’s shoulders :slight_smile:

Hey rook, I’m glad to see you enjoyed this pic. As for Blue Mary being too tall, I was trying to make her more in the foreground, but I don’t think it turned out as well as I hoped it would, lol.

As for R. Mika standing on top of Hugo and Zangief’s shoulders? That could work, lol. Dang, I wish you were around, when we were laying this one out, lol.

SLAM Webcomic:

Hey everybody, it’s Tuesday again, and as per usual it’s time for the update to the SLAM Webcomic. This time around, page 8 is available for your viewing pleasure at the SLAM Webcomic site ( ).

Since, Suicide Steve from all appearances in the last few pages, seems to have miraculously recovered from his devastating injuries he’s suffered from and with questions unanswered, as to how that’s possible, we move onto other problems.

What happens, when you put a bunch of guys, who are very competitive, don’t like each other and generally, get on each other’s nerves into a room together? Well you get a powder keg, and the incident involving Suicide Steve, is the fuse that’s lit the powder keg, that’s about ready to blow. So by all means check it out for yourself, and see how the chaos plays it out amongst these strong personalities and egos.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check it out, Marvin.

SLAM Webcomic:

good job, guys. the artwork is amazing, but i think the background is a little too distracting. the ‘fans’ at the bottom should be cheering and alert, rather than browsing around what seems to be a convention of some sort. i think the pixelation hurts the work too.
again, the characters are well drawn though. i’m digging raiden and r mika a lot