Capcom what have you done to my sf!?


Forgive me if I offend you… But I needed to vent out here.
I love the FGC and the people involved, in the beginning i followed because of the games, i still follow because of the people…
Anyway! SFV!!!

Ill make this quick… SFV is unplayable!!! I dont know about other people, but i have a very good connection in the UK in a prime area… (where SF4 worked incredibly well for years!!) and I cannot play online… the game is incredibly jumpy, even when connecting to others with a good connection. I held out knowing the game was not finished when released… I brought it on good faith as SF4 gave me so much joy and seeing the hype on the youtube channel called “The Beast”… and this pile of s**t that capcom has given me is unplayable…

I wont talk about what I dont like about the game… simply because if others like it and the FGC continues, thats all that ultimately matters to me. But I cannot help but feel duped… let down… conned??? deceived??
I spent £46 on steam… and it might as well have been a donation to capcom… because i cannot play the game online… and as its on pc… i rarely have friends in the area who can play local…

I cannot get a refund as I spent over two hours in training and trials to pick up the new mechanics etc… so steam will not authorise it and so there you go… £46 pounds or $60 bucks later and i still have to enjoy the game from other peoples youtube channels… i blame myself… I should have listened to all those bad reviews… but thanks capcom…

is anyone else experiencing these issues? is there anyway for me to fix this… please help?


Am so sorry @iam_pulsar your not enjoying your sfv especially on steam but maybe I can help you. So how about changing your server setting on steam, maybe switching to USA etc… So you can connect against USA players more often also go to training room and turn on match making to help with waiting times. Hope this helps

P.S. My issues with sfv is the input lag on ps4 i feel the difference because i also play on pc, i can’t even do ryu st,Mp to cr,Hp 10 out of 10 on ps4 smh


dudes thanks for your response. i will try that. cross fingers


You can also try forwarding the ports on your router:


What kind of router do you have? I’m in the UK and was having the same problem until I did this:

If you have a technicolor router try it out, it sped up my match making 10 fold.


I have an issue maybe someone can help me on here.
when am playing SFV on STEAM my sticks stops working mid fight and then i have to click the mouse to get it to work but by then am eating a fat combo to lights out bp gone son. this is so frustrating


Try playing in full-screen.

My pre-cracked Windows 7 used to tab me out of my SFIV window all the time, reminding me to purchase a legal copy of Windows, with that little notification balloon in the bottom-right of the desktop screen.


Thanks for the reply i do run it on full screen but i think it was norton anti virus pop ups i removed it so lets see if it did the trick so far so good


nope shit didnt work wtf


Try this new software if you’re using any software for your joystick:

I hope you get it resolved.


good looking out on this thread. i didnt know i could portforward the game so im definitely gonna do that since i have an amazing net service and laptop and i still get laggers or jumpy shit.


yeah it sound make it a lot more enjoyable but people still have shit connection so yeah beats nothing