Capcom, where is Alpha Anthology Online Edition?



Anthology as it was on PS2 + Alpha 3 Max + GGPO? And fix parrying confirm pause for Hyper Alpha Blue S-ISM 3rd Strike.

Take my money!

I wanna use Pink S- ISM Champion Boxer, and Green S-ISM Vampire Karin online dammit.


lol Who the fuck takes Alpha 3 MAX seriously.
You already got GGPO. Learn to use it.


You’d just end up seeing Alpha 1 Autoblockers all the time if they did Hyper SFZ.


A3 Max, like Hyper Alpha, Hyper SF2, System Direction 3S, or EX Grooves in CVS2…is for fun, maybe? Fun, is what I like. You know, because they’re called GAMES, and are usually played for fun. Dur dur dur, who gives a fuck about who plays what seriously? I dont play SFIV…I do play Avatar Fighter Online, so obviously I dont give a shit.

By the way, I have GGPO, and know how to use it, thank you. Vanilla A3 isn’t worth playing, even for shits and giggles.

Playing these on a console over Live/PSN with all the features a ‘console’ edition would have > FBA GGPO. As long as they keep retarded glitches out of the ports…looks at 3SO.


I dont think people would choose autoblock, but I do forsee alot of Alpha 1, and Pink S-ISM Champion characters. However, I like fighting them with A2, or A3 versions.


OMG Yes! I would definitely get a rerelease of Alpha Anthology with more stuff.


EX Grooves are on the arcade board of CvS2.


Fuck that, A3 just isn’t A3 without crouch cancel infinites.


yes it is…


No. you got me wrong.

I mean NEW glitches specific to the port, like every old Capcom game released on XBL/PSN has had, MVC2 frame data changes with some characters L attacks, and Cables ublockable AHVB, the hit/sound glitches in 3SO, ect, ect.

I mean they ahould be able to port 17 year old games onto these systems without fucking up something so big it draws people away. I mean I clamoured for MVC2, I didnt buy it until they fixed the PSN version, and never bought the 360 version cause it wasnt fixed.


You’re not whining loud enough TC.

Capcom responds better to true despair


A3 is a terrible game and so is HSFA. IIRC Hyper Alpha even had a broken m.bison which was just a garbled mess of a sprite, couldn’t be hit and could crash the game.


The power of emulation instead of being a port.


I’d be happy if Sony came out with some method of playing PS2 games on PS3 again. But till then I’ll keep my US and JP PS2 going and going :smiley:


I like a2 alot but I rather them bring the vampire collection over with online to give sf a break


IDK is it about emulation, I just thought it was a glitch. I think it happened if you tried to pick Alpha 1 Bison with Shadaloo ISM, I don’t recall anymore.


SFA3 Double Upper with Maki and Eagle would be nice on a big screen. The world warrior mode and dramatic battle were my favorite parts of that game.


I would love for a Alpha 2 HD release.


If it was a port the game would of froze by trying to load nothing. Since the game is an emulator it’s reading data that shouldn’t be loaded. But, yeah it’s still a glitch.