Capcom will host a CFJ tourney at TGS

To be held at the third day of the show. (Sept. 26)

Why couldnt they do something like that over here? :confused:

Oh well, I hope someone films it. Want to see if it’s worthy or not.

I have my doubt, the same doubts when SvC came out. It seems like this game could be broken as hell. It sounds broken before it even comes out.

How so? Most reports from beta testing say that the game plays pretty solidly, unlike SvC during its beta.

so does this mean we might see another video of Daigo beasting on someone in Japan?

systems page updated with new shots…

Call me a sucker for pretty flashing lights…but DAMN those effects look nice. That Shinkuu Hadoken is too much :tup:

I’m sure that I’ll get flamed for what I’m about to say but, maybe its me but it looks as if they match a little more (not completely in every case) and doesn’t looks as bad as before. Whether other people still hate the game, I’m looking forward to playing this over Neo-Geo Battle Colliseum. The argument is null and void I’m just stating my opinion. Not just because Ryu’s Super Activation looks nice either, just in the characters and the backgrounds. The tint on the backgrounds still looks a bit faded in comparsion to the characters but not as much as before.

Is that what’s going on in that SF2 pic? I guess it’s really SF2:ST then.


Hmm, looking at the bottom pics. Alex didn’t switch out, yet he lost his super meter?!

I can understand if you switch over, you’d lose it. But wtf?!

Yes, the SF2 characters all have a super meter like ST.

Or Rainbow Edition.
gets booed off the stage

You’re fired lol.

Whoa, Alex towers over Demitri. He better recognize!

yeah they fixed em up in the second test and they look quite nice. i still think the bgs look horrid though.

Really? Where are these reports because I have first hand info from a month ago stating that CFJ is one big mess.


Check the reports from Azrael-Sama and beelzebubble somewhere on this site. I can’t remember the thread URL right now, but you can prolly search it, or ask them.

I’ll have to check them out.

This is what I’ve been told.

It’s one big mess because of all the different fighting systems.

Vampire characters completely dominate the game atm.

There will be 6-7 characters representing each game so, there are more characters on the way. However, the “New” characters like Ingrid will all be coming from CFAS.

Street Fighter characters are the worst in the game atm.

They’ve been more true to their respective games unlike CvS2. This is why Vampire characters totally dominate. They have everything. Airblock, pursuits, chains, es, ex, ground recovery etc. This also means that sf3 characters will get es moves. No red parry yet but, there may be.

Oh! and there will be no one in the backgrounds that are playable so, if your favorite character is in a background, you’re outta luck:(


over the duration of each loke test as well of course from the first to the second they did a lot of tweaking seemingly based on comments from high level players who attended the lokes. the companies even have meetings with these players as seen in articles in arcadia about the testing process for this and neowave.

examples of major changes i can remember are ingrids fb getting its range halved, she had a slide kick move added, speed getting increased and the like. check out threads by “iggy” over at madmans cafe for a more detailed list of the changes from version to version.

i havent seen anything personally on the version changes, but I had a friend playing it in Osaka and it wasnt a mess, nor were the VS chars necessarily dominating. At the time my friend was there, I think there was one guy owning up with anakaris, but the dude on top played Alex/Ryu, racked up 50+ win streaks multiple times, and did a lot of parrying or something. It sounds like it might be fun from what I’ve heard, dont knock it till you try it.

Are there any shots of Zangief’s new head? I’m curious as to what they had to change.

Also, Capcom announced that this is the final character list, no one extra.