Capcom World Mobile Portal Challenge

Hey guys,

I work for Capcom Europe, in the mobile games division. I have a little task which I think would really suit the avatar makers here at SRK :wink:

We have a web portal which anyone can access to download games from. The problem is that our portal was designed several years ago and looks really poor and not at all like the quality one would expect from a Capcom branded site. Currently, the site looks like this:

Main Logo

Example of the Site

As you can see it’s very basic and unimpressive looking, and I think we need a seriously new look.

So that’s where you guys come in. I’m lookin for a re-design of the Capcom World logo. Ideally I’d like something animated and really flashy. Sparkiling effects, transitions, moving parts, whatever you think would look good. This is the very first thing one sees when visiting the site, so it’s the most important element. The more visually impressive looking it is, the better. It should represent Capcom as a whole, so go nuts using Meagaman, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Strider, Ghouls and Ghosts, etc. Don’t worry so much about dimensions of the image or file size for now. Obviously it’s a factor for the final site, but it’s unimportant for this task.

Additionally, I would also be looking for elements that could be used on the page. So for example, a spinning Megaman head as a user loads from one page to another, or maybe a tiny Strider dashing along the top of the screen, followed by text to tell you of the site’s latest offers.

Finally I am also looking for a suggested Colour scheme for the site. As you can see the, site looks really bad using the current colour scheme. My boss is quite keen on a more vibrant colourful scheme, but I’m interested in seeing how an artist with an appreciation for Capcom would put the scheme together more than a bunch of programmers who spend too much time playing Dead Rising! The font also looks very basic, so anyone that can utilise a system font and make it look good would also be doing me a huge favour :slight_smile:

As a prize, to anyone whom I feel created the best entry, I’ll buy a year’s worth of premium for.

Note that anything you create won’t be used on the final site. More than anything I am trying to pitch a few suggestions to my boss to suggest how the site could look like. If he likes it, then I may well contact the winner to do something on a professional level, which might be used on the real site.

EDIT: I am going to keep the contest going on for a bit longer. I have the meeting with my boss on Tuesday, which is ideally when I’d like to show him a few ideas, but I am reasonably optimistic that he will like the idea, so the contest will remain open for a whole week.

If you win, I’ll also try to sort out some Capcom goodies for the winner, although you guys being based in the US and me being based in the UK means that PAL games aren’t great for you guys :frowning:

intriged but way out of my ranking. waits for sheng

I’ll give it a shot maybe tomorrow since it’s my day off. I can’t promise anything great though, I still feel that I’m at the rookie level when it comes to photoshopping… dood.

You guys are a lot better than you give yourself credit for. I really want someone who has a genuine interest in playing games to do the logo because although we have an artist here, he isn’t really a gamer, and it’s important to me to create a good impression to all of our many customers out there!

PS: Shatterstar, the avatar you are using now is proof that you are good enough to enter. That effect is really nice, and something like that used in teh right way can be really eye-catchin, so please feel free to give it a shot!

yeah, why not. i’ll give it my best!

… :lol:


now that i read it more, i see your point…:lol:

hmm might try this

Whoa there! I hope that didn’t come off as offensive or condescening towards Shatta. I really like your avatar, it’s just that if the Capcom World logo was let’s say a picture of Chun Li’s ass sparkling, whilst it would probably boost sales 300%, it probably wouldn’t go down to well with Capcom Japan! I was trying to iterate that the commerical marketplace needs something less raunchy, so I am sorry if that came across differently!

Actualyl come to think of it, maybe they would like something like Sakura’s panty shots, I do know what these Japanese businessmen are like after all LOL!

well, Japan is the land of pantsu…

anyway, my comment about negging was being directed towards “woofie cakes”, other than that, it was kinda funny you said that since my avatar is purely a parody of the other anime girl avatars.

to be perfectly honest, i would love to see something for a banner on that site in the style that was used in the avatar that Worthless made you. i see a great idea of that style with pics of the horror/dark games comming out from Capcom, ie, Demento/Haunting Ground, Dead Rising, Devil May Cry 4, Resident Evil 5, ect. that would be dope, but since you brought up Capan(capcom japan) so are they also going to have the final say of what can and can not be allowed to be used on the site? just curious.

We can use what we like on the site, but let’s say in the future Capan did not like the images we used, they could tell us to change it, which we would have to do.

It’s interesting you mention Worhtless’s avatar because I showed it to my boss as an example, but he said it was too fast for his aging eyes! But he agrees that we need something eye-catching although perhaps not as compicated.

I actually suggested changing the logo / elements of the site semi-regularly, every copule of months or so, to keep the site fresh. Just how we at SRK change our avatar, sometimes a little change freshens things up. So it’s more than possible that this contest may get run again.

ROFL :rofl:

Wow i don’t know what to say :sweat:

I REALLY feel embarrassed since i was just complaining about my stuff on IRC.

Thursday,I should be around all day,so if possible i’d like to help out or at least collaborate with someone on the project.Especially since an opprutunity doesn’t come by like this often.

Some of your stuff Worthless is inspired. That new avatar you have just now is great!

I’m IN


I’m in too!

Here’s a (very) rough idea.


I’m looking forward to this already :slight_smile:

Quiche, great idea there. If possible can you guys try to get the logo as “Capcom World” as that is the name of the portal.

One otehr thing I would mention is that although I specified that dimensions were unimportant, bare in mind that this is a logo for a mobile phone, so the width and height limit what you can see…

But anyway, if that’s a rough idea, I am already excited!

I think I’ll give this a try as well

edit: may not have time before deadline, but we’ll see

3*5cm. whooooo

I’ll try as well.I’ll put up some site banners I’ve made before when I get home.