Capcom X Arc System Works = Sengoku BASARA X - 4/09/08 (Arcade) 6/26/08 (PS2)

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Sengoku BASARA X is based on Capcom’s hack n’ slash console game in Japan. It’s developed by Arc System Works, and published by Capcom. After tons of location tests that began back in July 07, professional players’ impression gradually changed from it being regular to spectaculor over a span of six months. Despite positive feedbacks in location tests, Capcom and Arc System Works delayed its release and took four extra months to improve its character balance and do more beta tests to enhance its quality. Both companies are taking this game seriously and put a lot of “BASARA love” in it. Sengoku BASARA X showed a lot of promises, let us discuss this interesting fighting game!

Maker: Capcom / Arc System Works
Motherboard: System 246 / System 256
Releasing date: Mid April 2008
Price: 398,000 yens

Official website:

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Basic system and movelist information:

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Location Test Videos

Tianyuan’s special report
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imposible to support atm if very few arcades (overseas) are going to get the game. We had the same problem with Arcana Heart FULL! which only 5 arcades in North America had at MOST (and only 2 of them had the FULL! upgrade.) Regardless, I’m hoping it comes to the few USA arcades that we have left, so that some of us arent confined to watching videos on youtube. If everyone wants to make this thread oficial, then I’ll close the other thread and let this one rock, because this is a duplicate thread, technically.

We want support for arcades. Anyway, you got the words, sengokubasaraX, of course I’ll support Capcom and ASW, that’s why I said in the other topic: If Capcom vs Capcom or vs Sammy exists, of course we will buy it. Someone tell them that.

This game has about as much to do with the release of SF4 as Devil May Cry 4.

How do you know that? People always state facts like they fucking work for Capcom…

You know about as much on this subject does as the op.

What’s a “loli fighter”?

Anyway I hope and pray this gets a Wii release. :pray:

Actually very much so. Capcom use to release many fighting games, but because many of them bombed they turned their backs to the community and haven’t released anything since “Fighting Evolution”. This the first fighter that Capcom’s publishing in a while and if this does good it will encourage them to publish more fighters, which do well enough might get Capcom back to making fighting games again, which translates further to a chance to see a Street Fighter 4.

are you saying support this game even if it sucks for the sake of SF4?

Hey someone who lives where the arcade I go to is.:lovin:

… guilty gear…

I’ll still buy this game if/when it’s released for PS2 (just to support the cause). I did with CFE…

IF it turns out to be competitive enough to carve out it’s own scene, then that’s great. If it fades into obscurity, then that’s that.

Art, make this thread official, the other one is talking about batman and transformers now! XD

After all it is Capcom X Arcsys, this should be popular.

Sorry, I’m a little bit confused…

Are you some PR guy from Capcom or just a very big fan?

ill play it

but im not a huge fan of sword fighters

i like fists and fireballs more

looks good to me ill play, i just hope it gets released very soon on ps2 also that way i dont have to spend like a whole year watching youtube videos:sad:

Im hyped about arcana:lovin:

they should learn a little about what SNK did with the release of
Maximum Impact Regulation A, 1 month later it was available for Ps2!!! :lovin:

I dont like being tortured and not be able to play this game:annoy:

If Capcom wanted support from its fanbase for this game, why did they make it a lameass four button GG clone? =/

It hurts, but unlike SNK, Capcom and ASW are more in the interest of making money. That alone will enough reason to keep the game in the arcades for a while longer. Besides, with the predominant BASARA fanbase being kept busy with BASARA2 Heroes starting around late November/December, they can afford to “space 'em out” a bit more. But who knows, maybe they’ll kind to us…

Any way, the biggest possible opponent I think this game has in the West (besides the classical Capcommunists who refuse to play anything besides the likes of SFA3, 3S, MvC2, et al), is the fact that Capcom of America probably has little idea of how to try and market this product, thanks to the mess that Devil Kings has left in its wake.

It goes without saying that DK stunk it up when it came to sales. But nevertheless, it’s the precedent now. Which pretty much leaves Capcom in a sticky predicament…do they try to market the game as another “Devil Kings” title (which may do more to hurt the title than help it), or do they try and start anew, and work the BASARA angle to separate the game as far and away from DK as much as possible (while risking the fact that most people will STILL have no idea what this game is all about)? No matter which way you swing it, each carries a good deal of risk.

But, even as I’ll probably import this game Day 1, I do hope that Capcom does have some semblance of a basic plan to try and promote this game in the States. After CFJ, ANYTHING that Capcom stands to publish that looks to be a decent fighting game should be worth any body’s notice on that end, while any GG fan will probably give this game the once over too. Or at least, I would hope as such.

Because obviously they couldn’t give a shit less about the hardcore fanbase still playing their games from 8 years ago.

Their target demographic for this game is the Japanese fanbase of the Sengoku Basara series, as well as maybe some of the GG arcade players and that’s it.
Anyone is naive to think otherwise.

When are people going to get through their skulls that just because Capcom is publishing this, doesn’t mean it has ANYTHING to do with Street Fighter?
I guess since Capcom publishes the Grand Theft Auto games in Japan, we’ll see Tommy Vercetti in SF4, right?

Where does it say its 39,800 yen? isn’t that kinda cheap for a new game?

Do you even know what you’re talking about? Obviously not, because if you did, you’d know that the game is a 5 BUTTON game that actually has more fundamentals in common with Hokuto than GG.

But I guess that would be hoping for too much…