@ Capcom




  • a lot of fun and appeals to players who play lame
  • cr. lk is very strange. u can chain into another cr lk or cr lp but only in the early active frames of the move. u cannot chain in the recovery frames like ryu or cammy
  • I WISH! her hit box extented to the animation of her whip. ex far standing mp. it appears like an amazing anti air or footsies tool but it is the opposite for sure
  • very challenging to hit confirm her unsafe rekkas with the way cr lk or lp works. if you make cr. lk work like ryu’s then i feel that she would have more utility
  • her projectiles are awesome
  • her ultra 2 says 2 frames of startup in the frame data app but you can neutral jump it after the animation. don’t characters have 4 prejump animation frames? i am surprised characters can jump it.
  • her fmp overhead is good… ONLY on hit. if they stand block it its -8??? ughhhh not viable in high level play.
  • as her footsies tools are subpar and she has unsafe rekkas, as a player, I would have like to see her have a faster walk speed so the limited range on cr mk could be utilized better.

she is a fun character but i am not sure she will be able to compete at the highest level as she has unsafe pressure and really bad normals.


Hitconfirming rekkas is piss easy from cr.short, don’t know what to tell you there. Sorry you can’t mash, I guess.

Yeah its unfortunate that st.strong, cr.fierce, j.fierce don’t hit the way they look, but in time you get used to where the hitboxes actually are.

As far as u2 goes, prejump frames are unthrowable. If you hit someone in prejump frames, it counts as a grounded hit, but as far as throws are concerned, they’re unthrowable from frame 1. The opponent can always jump out of u2 after the flash, assuming they’re neutral and able to jump.

Overhead is -8 on block if done point blank and it makes contact on the first active frame. Its also -1 on hit. So how are we comboing cr.jab after overhead? Spaced right or done meaty, overhead is -3~4 on block. Not bad for a decently fast overhead that leads to full combo

She has a 3 frame jab, great cr.mk, far st.fierce is good, st.mk is good and special cancelable, fireball zoning is good, meaty fireball mixups are really good. Flip kick is -1 and ex flip kick is +2, you got tons of ways to safely pressure. But that’s not what her rekkas are for, don’t think she’s anything like fei.


u cannot delay the cr lk like ryu. i think there maybe an issue here. do you know the difference btw link vs chain? cr lk is chainable but it is only working in the active frames of the move.


so the reason you cannot jump out of gief u1 or t hawk u1 is bc u can throw them on the first frame? if you stand, activate u1 with gief, then hold up during the animation u still get grabbed.


Pretty much what he said. I think Capcom needs to go back and look at this ultra. If it’s a two frame ultra you should NOT be able to jump out of it.


Gief and Hawk u1s are 1+0, there are no frames after the flash. If you’re throwable when the flash happens then you got grabbed. Poison u2 is exactly like Honda u2 and Balrog u2. They’re 0+2, which means you can jump out after the flash.


Nor should Poison have the Ultra of a grappler. Especially considering how easy it easy to pop someone into a juggle state and blast them with Ultra 1. If you think she “plays lame,” there’s a really simple solution, find someone else to use. She has some advantages that Ryu doesn’t have, obviously, hence why she has some noticeable disadvantage as well.

And seriously, if you could jump right in and IMMEDIATELY figure out how to easily master the character wouldn’t that be a let down? Learning a new character should be fun because of the LEARNING part – it’s supposed to take time and practice to master.

@Capcom – Ultra is amazing. People will continue to piss and whine because their “favorite” character, or the one they think is the hottest, should be able to easily win every single fight and never have a bad match up. But I honestly can’t imagine how much more anyone could want; at a $15 price tag it was a MONSTER of an update that not only smoothly added 5 unique characters to the roster but made an honest attempt at bringing every character in the game, new and old, capable of being as competitive as Ryu (when used properly).


Her grab ultra is for punishment, not for setting up tick throws. It’s awkward, but it does what it’s supposed to. I’m not a big fan of it either – I usually use her U1 – but I get the purpose of it.

I’m sticking with Poison though because I like her laid-back, but pressure whenever I can capitalize on mistakes and press the advantage, style. She does seemingly have some holes in her gameplay, but fuck it – let’s all keep learning her and and her match-ups for a while before we start complaining about what Capcom needs to do to change her. :<


The animation does hit with her whip.

You people are fucking blind, by the time the VFX come out, her whip is almost behind her head. Most of her whip attacks hit BEFORE the wind streaks.