Capcoms Band

Ever wondered what Alph Lyra look like?

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I have the Street Fighter II Alph Lyra CD and it’s pretty good. Track 7, Guile’s Theme, “A Rush of Wind,” sounds like it was ripped off an old rock song, I can’t remember what song it was.

The thing I’ve always wanted to see, is them playing some of the tunes as a band. I’ve always tried to imagine them blistering out the first few chords of the SF2 theme, that really heavy riff that plays during the demo, possibly the gituarist having one foot up on a speaker, then all the rest cutting in on the beat. The theme always raises a smile for me.

They look like some shit from breakers. Turbo ftw

Yoko Shimomura wins.

i loved their work for Cyberbots

Helion’s Theme kicks it hard.

Thats some real talent right there.

Capcom needs to reassemble them, and the original SF2 team.

Vampire Hunter’s sound team was also cool, I think they did some of the SF3:NG/2I stuff before leaving Capcom.

<3 Parasite Eve OST

ive played some of those sf2 alph lyra songs to death