Capcom's Dungeon & Dragons games remastered in HD for PS3 & XBox 360; NES Duck Tales remade, too


Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara is a new CPS-2 retro-game collection being re-released in HD for both the PS3 and XBox 360.
The difference from previous releases is that both disc versions will be region-free. That’s right – even American 360 owners will be able to play the Japanese exclusive disc on their systems!
(This is an NCSX flyer release… I can find no independent confirmation of an XBox 360 disc release of the D&D games… The game IS being released on PSN and XBL in the US, though… The disc listings I found were PS3-only, Japan-only.)

The collection is being released in regular and limited editions containing both Capcom D & D games: Dungeons & Dragon: Tower of Doom and Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow of Mystara.
The regular disc version is $35-$40 depending on who you pre-order from. The limited edition is around $170 and you don’t save much if you order from Play-Asia. The difference between P-A and NCS is less than $10. With shipping included, they should be about the same or the P-A pre-order might be a bit more

The limited edition comes with the soundtrack to the D & D games as well videos and a strategy book reprint and poster reproductions from the original flyers (I think). I wouldn’t bother honestly…

For the love of god, being an owner of the Saturn version of the D&D games, DON’T BUY the Saturn port! It’s way too expensive for what it is which is a poor port of a CPS-2 game. This was developed before the Capcom 4MB RAM expansion cart became available *and the games suffer from massive slowdown issues which make them difficult to enjoy. *You are wasting your money on this retro-system version when it can be spent on what will be a far superior PS3/XBox 360/Wii U port without the slowdown issues and tinny sound the Saturn port had…!

I love the Saturn but I WILL speak up on the games that really stink from personal experience!

Oh, and some Duck Tales game is getting a remake, too. Looks nice!


where the fuck is cadillacs and dinosaurs HD :mad: