CAPCOM'S FORGOTTEN DREAMCAST FIGHTER'S! (i know someone likes these)

Dreamcast wasn’t out for very long so alot of the games that capcom took a chance on making and put out on the dreamcast just seemed to fade away and be forgotten. Power Stone, Plasma Sword (Star Gladiator 2), Project Justice, and Tech Romancer are 4 of those games who never made it past dreamcast. CVS and MVC were also on Dreamcast but they must have been so poplar that they had to put them on newer systems.

What do you think about these games? :tup:

Project Justice is the shit.

Kinda broken, but fun as hell.

Were those games really forgotten? Dreamcast was arguably the prime choice for 2D fighting until a year or two ago…

And don’t forget Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure…

Tech Romancer any good?

We were playing Tech Romancer the other night, it’s very anime like.

I always use Blodia with Jin as the pilot! The game is fun and easy to play.

Tech Romancer fucking rocks!

Bolon, Wise Duck, and Diana 17 are my favorite mechs!

Project Justice is pretty kickass as well. Thats one Capcom series that Capcom needs a beating over for neglecting it.

Me and some friends played like 150 matches of Tech Romancer a few days ago. It is suprisingly awesome, I never played it cause I thought it would be crappy. It’s all about Gourai/Pulsion!

Only thing that sucks about it IMO is that you can jump or do most evade attack to get out of a lot of ground pressure stuff. For example Pulsion’s b,f+A+B super can be just jumped out of.

Meh, I’m still not too sure about that one. I’ve owned it for for five years now and only played it about 4 times.

Thats what most of those odd aerial attacks are for. Start punishing that shit, man. My cousin jumps all day long when we play, and those attacks usually work on him.

Those lame ground evade attacks on the other hand now…

damn i didn’t know how many people liked tech romancer…I thought i was like the only one!

What I would do for a Powerstone 3 . .

and technically its not like a “fighting game”. . come on Capcom . .what the fuck

So uh, I guess I should get Tech Romancer, thanks.

No problem, its a fun game to dick around with and it has some pretty cool unlockable extras.

It features a pretty cool story mode and awesome BGM too.

Its one of the better fighters out there that gives you a lot of bang for the one-player mode.

I honestly feel that the Dreamcast is still the best system for 2d games…with the exception of add ons for HDTV and all that other HIGH END AV stuff if you put GG on the PS2 and XBOX against the one on DC can you really tell a difference? Heck for a while even Soul Calibur looked on par with some of the recent(within the past 3yrs)3D games… DC is an awesome system but was doomed because it had to make up profit for two systems…but still hands down one of…if not the…best system out there. in my opinion. :clap: :encore:

I really don’t think they are forgotten fighters but 4 player power stone is fun. PJ is hella fun too.

Yeah… one’s just GGX and the other two are #R

all the GGX games originated on NAOMI/AW (ie. Dreamcast hardware) so of course none of the PS2 or Xbox ports look that much better than GGX on DC…

Powerstone for life.

Wang Tang bitches.

4 player Powerstone isnt possible.
4 player Powerstone 2 on the other hand is… :stuck_out_tongue:

And Power Stone one owns Power Stone 2 sooo bad :slight_smile:

Hell yea thats why I said PowerStone.

Power Stone where you can see a True SUPER SAIYAN!!! If Capcomm ever makes another vs game against whomever they need to have those guys in there…plus the guys from Jo Jo’s bizzare adventure…Now correct me if i’m wrong folks…but did anyone hear a rumor maybe a year or two ago, that Sega was actually considering on making another console based on their profits? Let me know if i was the only who hard this or not please…god…i don’t think the gaming community would be ready for another console

I played some more ProJus at Otakon. I gotta say my Hyo is still cheesy as hell, and my Edge is just fun to beast with.

As for Tech Romancer. I beat it a couple of times, but folks around here whine about the DC controller so I get no real comptetion out of them.

JoJo…well yeh, I love the game but can’t stand the wierdness instilled by bringing it stateside. I read the manga so the screwup on the names grates on my nerves. And the white blood…? I don’t that since Sega used to talk smack about being the badass system that didn’t care if it was too graphic.

I barely played PowerStone, but I like how intuitive the game is.

Sadly, I’ve never touched Plasma Sword. I know…I fail.

So, I wasn’t crazy when I said that GGX looked better than GGX2? If only they didn’t change Chipp from that game…