CAPCOM'S FORGOTTEN DREAMCAST FIGHTER'S! (i know someone likes these)


well with bittorent and a good connection u can relive all your forgotten memories and dreamcasts cost like 20 bucks at ebgames i think

ANNOUNCEMENT : me and dijinsanity will be making an upcoming latest project justice video !

Power Stone 2 is far more fun.

Seriously, there aren’t many games that my friends and I can sit down and play for 6 hours straight pretty much weekly, but Powerstone 2 is among them. Not much of a serious fighting game, but it’s easily the cream of the party fighter crop.


I wish I was able to get Tech Romancer at the time…:sad:

Im still so glad I own my DC and DC library to this day, its always plugged in ready to go and I still use it daily with my green goblins for the Capcom games that need it, I have easy 50 games or so I have bought for it which has MvC2, All 3 Sf3 games, both CvS’s , Both powerstones, Tech Romacer the Crazy Taxis, Shenmue…I should really make a list up

seeing as its Monday I’ll play some 3s with the guys later prolly

Everyone seems to forgotten Spawn: In The Demon’s Hand and Heavy Metal: Geomatrix.

I liked Spawn, because of how smooth the graphics were, how close the models looked to the comic counterparts, the replay value, the Co-Op Story Mode, the number of characters, the variety of weapons, etc, etc, but it suffered from a terrible camera system, however it was pretty innovative.

Heavy Metal: Geomatirx just seemed too similar to Spawn, and didn’t offer any of Spawn’s best features. It did have so cool character designs and weapons, but that was about it. There were no unlockables, the stages were nothing, no replay value, not much of anything really. It did have a better camera system then Spawn, but it would’ve been nice if it offered alot of the stuff Spawn did.

They could’ve (easily) done a Spawn Vs Heavy Metal game, since they both ran on the same engine, had the same type of set up, mechanics, etc.

The fighting games I remember that Capcom released on the Dreamcast were…

Heavy Metal: Geomatrix
Jo Jo’s Bizzare Adventure
Marvel Vs Capcom
Marvel Vs Capcom 2
Plasma Sword
Power Stone
Power Stone 2
Project Justice
Spawn: In The Demon’s Hand
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Super Street Fighter II Turbo X
Tech Romancer

Im pretty sure I might have forgot a few, but thats all I remember, cause those are all the ones I had.

Also all the DC fighting games that Capcom released in Japan had an Online/Network mode (PJ also had a Create A Character Board Game that was only in the Japanese version) but of course Capcom of America let us down once again, with their removal and censoring of things.

The reason alot of people will say PS is better then PS2, is because PS2 didn’t offer alot of what PS had. For instance in PS you had a punch AND Kick button which gave the characters more moves in both forms, and allowed you to kinda come up with your own combos switching back and fourth between the two attack buttons. PS also had unique individual stages for each char, and some cool extra features that PS2 didn’t have, ie it would’ve been great if PS could’ve had everything PS had.

Regardless, I say PS2 rocks PS1. Four player support, much larger and creative stages, more characters despite the new ones being really weird, 100 items you can use in a fight, minibooks so you can actually get the items you want, and you didn’t really need two different attack buttons anyway.

Power Stone 2…

Lazy Capcom make good SB type game…

Powerstone 2 is absolute trash when compared to Powerstone 1. Judged on it’s own though, PS2 isn’t a bad 4 player smash bros type game.

I can’t believe noone has mentioned one of the best DC exclusive fighters, Virtual On 2. The best freakin game on the DC.
Also noone mentioned Fighting Vipers 2 or Virtua Fighter 3. I guess Sega fighters just don’t get any love :sad:

yup virtual on 2 ontairo tangram or something was awesome :tup:

also capcom released Vampire Chronicles

I liked powerstone way more than smash brothers :devil:

Project justice was very fun :karate:

All of that makes PS2 a better PARTY game, not a better fighting game.

I like both for diffrient reasons but hate that they left out things from PS, for instance where the hell were Kraken and Valgas? PS2 ran on the EXACT same engine as PS so there’s no reason Kraken and/or Valgas shouldn’t have been included, I mean they added 6 new chars to PS2 (8 if you count the two boss characters) and only ONE of them (Accel) was any good.

Thats like saying “EVERY” fighting game should only have one attack button. Lets just remove DOA’s kick button while we’re at it.

Ask yourself this, what did Capcom put in PS2 in opt of the kick button? NOTHING! So why remove it?

Well the title of this thread is Capcom’s Forgotten Dreamcast Fighters, which is probaly why most everyone is only talking about Capcom games.

don’t forget about mark of the wolves guys even though that game came out hella late.

mark of the wolves is made by SNKP i don’t think that qualifies as a forgotten CAPCOM! fighter…matter of fact it’s not forgotten at all. It’s juss came out on PS2 in japan and may soon come out on PS2 in america. Mark of the Wolves is a highly respected fighter. I’m sure MAME and Kawaks users would agree. (not flaming)

VO was great but those twinsticks were so godaamn rare :sad:

Vampire Chronicles, another great game to bad even import quanitites were so low along side puzzle fighter…I think only 5k copies were printed :tdown: along with SSF2X…which I am still wanting ( all 3 ) for my collection…if anyone out there had them :xeye:

Well I think Power Stone was better suited as a party-centric fighter. I’ll admit that PS1 is a pretty fun 1-on-1 game, but I don’t think it’s as good as PS2 with 3-4 people around (I know it’s not every day you have 2-3 other people to play with, so PS1 gets a point there I guess). I’m guessing that PS1 is a better 1-on-1 because it’s much more contained in a sense. It’s nowhere near as chatoic as PS2 with the huge roster of items and the volatile stages. Don’t really have much to say about the characters. They’re pretty weird, but I don’t dislike any of them aside from Julia.

PS isn’t a traditional fighting game obviously. It doesn’t put that much emphasis on hand to hand compared to other games because of the items. I think Capcom just removed the kick button because they decided it was unnecessary.

BUMP Powerstone combo video! sike nah! I thought powerstone should return on the ps3. It reminds me of super smash bros. the first one has shitty ass graphics but it looked really good on the GC! The PS3 or PS2 could possibly make this a game everyone can enjoy. Wait no maybe the Xbox or gamecube cause they alreay have the four player port thing goin on…i would prefer the gamecube because it’s my favorite game and plus capcom doesn’t have enough fighters on gamecube. Capcom could possibly revive the cube as a system by makin sequals to the forgottens and makin them exclusive only on the cube!

How could I forget it(I own it), but were talking about Capcom games here. Best DC game? Nah(my favs are JetSetRadio, Bangai-O, Skies of Arcadia, and Samba De Amigo), but I’ll say it has the best BGM of any DC game for sure.

I wonder if I can emulate the Twin Sticks with a PS2-DC converter? Hmmmm…

I know this is about Capcom games but check this out…Virtua On is a tight mech game…but there is a game called Frame Gride that was released in Japan which is also a mech game and that joint was underrated and it was tough as hell too…it’s a definate have if you own a DC and love mech games…ebay it trust me you would like it.