Capcom's intentions for MvC2

When I play games like Worms Armageddon and I start roping, I wonder: “Did the game designers intend for the rope to be used this way?” In a similar fashion, I think the same things about games like MvC2 that use insane combos and infinites and all that. So I figure who better to ask than Capcom themselves! I emailed them, this:

And here is what I got in response:

Now to find out about roping in Worms! =p

WTF is roping?

<—doesn’t play Worms

The ninja rope is this tool where you can grab onto ceilings or walls and pull yourself, or swing across gaps, but it (intentionally?) made it so you could do it onto a wall/ceiling thing, swing, swing, swing, and you’d start swinging so fast, then you extend the rope, and you wrap around and can fly up onto pretty much anything. Infinite use, usually, too.

I think that’s what he means. Man ninja rope OWNED.

So did you ever look for interviews from creators and producers?

To be honest I don’t think it was. I can remember an oficial review saying every character has a 21 hit combo, posibly implying that was the limit. But you can never be sure, that might just have been the reviewers opinion.

Mabe the question isn’t, did they intend for it to be like that, more, did they know about it. I’m just thinking about things like cross ups and instant air supers. There must be a little lag on the activation of supers and specials alowing you to wait until they are OTG.

I love how broken MvC2 is.

Mechanica: Team Medium Kick, lol :clap:

Wow i’m actually suprised you got a reasonable response out of them. Usually when you email companies about something they just say something like “We do not have access to that information right now, sorry and thank you.”

This guy actually sounded like he knew what he was talking about. Props to Capcom!


Roping > magneto

I must be a worms scrub-- I usually play with a “no ninja ropes” rule… those things are too good

Well, the ninja rope does have a weakness: if you don’t use it JUST right, you could very well fling yourself into water/out of the screen/onto mines. I guess that sort of parallels Storm’s low defense and Sentinel’s weak anti-air game…? :confused:

Ninja Rope was even more broken in Worms 2. They toned it down a little for Armaggedon, but they still kept it so I guess it was another one of those things that they never intended to be so powerful, but added to the gameplay in ways so they kept it in nerfed form. Seriously though, there was practically nothing you couldn’t do with Ninja Rope in Worms 2 it was too damn good. But it was also alot of fun with all the techniques involving momentum and pull and release methods.

I agree with whoever said this. Capcom at least got one thing right, their customer support. The guy who replied seemed like he knew his shit.

Nice informative post. Thanks for sharing.

Worm shoryou > ninja rope.

Marvel VS Capcom 2 = Unbalanced game in the VS. Series, ever. Marvel VS. Capcom, was the most balanced game of the VS. Series. X-Men Vs. Street Fighter was combo-ly wrong. And MSHvsSF was close, but some were overpowered.

In the end, Capcom hasn’t made a completely balanced VS Game at all.

Oh, Capcom’s support is VERY good. I emailed them many emails and got “REAL” responses. They are a very good company. If you email SNK also, they will give you a “REAL” response, 'cause their good like that.

chrno totally wrong. mvc1 is terrible in comparison to mvc2… in mvc1 you got the uncombo glitch, shitty char selection, and 0 block stun on jumping attacks. xvsf has a bit too much infs but its still fun, mshvsf is trash.

ultimately mvc2 is the most balanced vs. game, no ifs or buts about it.

MSH & XvsSF were the funniest & better balance then others.
that was a good reply & capcom. he gave u some info & said fuck off in the end! :tup:

*mshvsf is trash.

Way to bash a game before even playing it. It’s made even more obvious by your lack of explanation. MSH was the most balanced of the VS series. Though some hardly hold it on the same grounds as crazier/faster games in the series (it was the slowest of them all I believe, and combos weren’t quite as crazy).

What would you like to know?

Team 17 is based in ossett, wakefield. Near me, and i know several people from the company. (marcus dyson, gareth edwards, craig jones, jax li)

the swiss were the best in worms online if i remember rightly. I stole all of my ninja rope skills from them. Maybe it was because switerzland got broadband while uk was still all dial-up. cost me $$$ an hour, while they could sit there all day playing 4 player worms.

in 60 secs you could, one side of screen to other, go upside down, extend, spin, re-launch into ceiling. knock some worm into mine for free damage, go plant dynamite, and ninja rope to relative safety.

seriously, any worms questions i’ll ask the developers about and post back.


I thought Omega Red and Wolvie were broken as fuck in MSHvSF.