Capcom's March Update When?

Capcom promised us a march update wih various things but why is it taking so long they said march its almost the end of march are they waiting till the end of march ? If so they should of said end of march begin april instead of march and we arnt even getting that much content capcom is a huge company with bunch of people working they could work harder and give us much more content then what we are getting took a month after release but in reality it only takes like a few days to create what we are getting , if they wanted to please US And really give what we want they should included arcade mode which isnt that diffeculty to create especially since they have experience creating that mode for years, anyway it just seems like capcom is a bit lazy and everything takes months even if the content is little

lol… it’s still March. I understand the frustration but yeah…

Here’s an idea…why not ask Capcom directly?
You seem to know so much about how long adding videogame content should take…go and tell them how it should be done.

nah man !

if you are looking to be enlightened… you should always make worthless thread on SRK first.


This one question, one answer thread really isn’t necessary.

We have a thread for this already.