Capcom's matching service for dreamcast

So, can anyone give a deeper explanation of this? I doubt it’s still online. Did it support broadband…? Can’t find much info about it via google.

It was an exclusive Japanese-only Capcom service for their fighting game ports to the Dreamcast.

It supported most of the major CPS-2 ports to the Dreamcast including Street Fighter Zero 3, Super Street Fighter IIX: Grandmaster Challenge (the best console port of Super Street Fighter II Turbo), Super Puzzle Fighter IIX, and Vampire Chronicles (which was ported to the PSP as Darkstalkers: Chaos Tower).

I think it might have been 56k only.

The Dreamcast broadband adapter was released late in the Dreamcast lifecycle (January 2001 – the console itself was discontinued in March 2001 but sold in Japan up to 2007) and may have literally supported only one game, Phantasy Star Online. At any rate, there weren’t that many BB adapters released and they pretty much became paper weights for everybody but pirates after Sega pulled the plug on its Dreamcast online service.

There was really no point in buying the broadband adapter in the States… None of the fighting games (released in the US) at the time had Net support let alone 56k which was the main standard at the time and the BBA became a collector’s item that was pretty much useless after the next year.

EDIT: You really couldn’t find anything about this stuff online? wikipedia probably has the best description for the Dreamcast network games.

I’m familiar with this only because I was a big Sega fan at the time and collected ALL the Capcom CPS-2 ports for Sega systems but if you look at the descriptions of the games online (ex: ) you pretty much figure out this is a Japan-only thing. Unless you were a nut at the time, could figure out how to configure your system to dial into Japan, and didn’t mind paying long-distance charges!

3-4 of these titles had to be ordered from webstores in Japan (Capcom or Sega direct) and were only imported by a few import game stores (NCS, Tronix, JapanVideoGames) in the US.

The print runs for Vampire Chronicles, SFIIX, and a few others were literally only 5,000 copies a piece.

This was at the point in time where Capcom’s name started to mean mush in both the US and Japan. Capcom games weren’t guaranteed to sell systems anymore… especially the overproduced fighting games. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 sure didn’t save the Dreamcast! (And that port is the cheapest of the three released on disc to home consoles that you can buy still… Way better than the PS2 or XBox ports but cheaper because the DC wasn’t “as cool”/re: popular as the other two systems.)

Only Madden gets away with yearly updates that amount to nothing. Every other game or genre that tries that stunt pays for it in sales!

There’s a reason why Capcom waited 10 years to make Street Fighter IV…