Capcom's Suicide Note: One-Save Games

I don’t think Capcom realizes that if they (or any other game publishers) try and make this a trend it’s basically curtains for them. Either gamers will find ways around it or simply boycott their games until they do.

Capcom’s on some bullshit.

inb4 countless posters attempting to justify this bullshit


It’s partially for crap like this that I haven’t purchased MK9. It’s also why I don’t buy full games through digital services that are available on disc.

if it really bothers you guys we could always just pay $90 for games

i’m pretty sure that would work too

If it would work, it would be working already.

This is pathetic. Just when Capcom starts nickel and diming you for $5 costumes, they make a (probably not very long) $40 game non-replayable? That is a load of horseshit. If this starts catching on in games (although it looks like only 3DS can do it), I’m sure many of us will be extremely mad.

And I thought online passes were horrible. At least you only have to ante up $10 to use them for one console.

So, Capcom knows that the game has little replay value, so instead of adding replay value, they…disable the deletion of saved data?

Glad I don’t have a 3DS.

Will be pirated and modified to reset save data.

And i can’t really blame people for it.

What happens if you encounter a game breaking bug that requires you to reset your save data and start over? Too bad, your game is now useless?

This is unbelievable, but Capcom will learn their lesson. You don’t do shit like this and get away with it. If everyone started doing this, it could cause another crash in the industry, and that would help no one.

it’s capcom. they can do no wrong whatsoever, lmao!

This sounds more or less like a “test” of how consumers will act to this—so, unless I’m mistaken, it’s just this one game—so far.

Regardless, at this time, I also find this to be some bullshit.


a “test” just like sf4

I genuinely can’t believe this. This is easily the most baffling decision I’ve heard publishing wise. Seriously, fuck you Capcom. Knock this shit off.

This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I also agree with BadMojo, gamebreaking bugs that stop progress would render the game exactly that, broken and useless.

No matter what Capcom says this is clearly intended to drop the gauntlet on consumers and used game retailers, and other companies will follow. I know it’s only going to get uglier… but fuck, even limiting the saves to 5 un-rewritable slots wouldn’t be as assholish.

see this plus those damn codes EA and THQ enforce to play MP are beyond retarded. this is why I cannot support those companies, I gave Dead Space 2 a chance, and my MP code was already used even though I got a new copy. yeah I know it’s just a bland MP but point is needing a code to playing what’s already in game is stupid. long story short I should have known better and just borrowed for SP until they enforce it for the whole game.

This is garbage as I was looking forward to this game only to now pass over it.

This already works via ridiculous DLC; Shadow Battles costing money is almost as funny as people actually paying for them.


Seriously, Capcom, ^THIS.

Not to mention just going through a game and realising you have missed something and want to start again, or as previously mentioned, lending to a friend/sibling/etc., then just basic rights over what you purchase. As per usual, there will be a pirate solution which won’t have this problem so in the end, these dramatic measures hurt the paying customers most.

(I wonder if the DS style “save then turn off while saving” reset method will work)


I don’t understand these things…
They’re affecting the used game market, but their efforts are inadvertently promoting the piracy market. We’re smart enough to realize this. Why can’t your big CEOs figure this simple cause & effect out?