Capcom's Super Street Fighter IV Launch Party Photos


Uploaded some photos from yesterday’s SSFIV Launch Party, it’s located on my SmugMug. (

Please enjoy!

Haha Daigo got the presidential treatment and jwong’s hair looks even more ridiculous in hi-def.

thanks for the pictures

Daigo is pretty much Capcom’s poster boy for all of their street fighter series, so ya, i would expect them to give him the VIP treatment…

BTW, awesome pictures!!!

Great work with the hi-def pics u mos def captured the hype!

I think Justin Wong has been losing weight/getting into shape a bit.

He doesn’t look nearly as big as he did back in 2004-7/8.

Good for him though! It’s also important, as essentially he is the top US player and thus his appearance is pretty key (as he represents the US).

He no longer looks like a joke. (Obviously has some way before he gets to Umehara’s level).

Also that Cammy cosplayer…yum indeed! Is she wearing tights or something? If not, it looks like her nutbush is very well kept/trimmed. Good on her!

Now if he’d just get a hair cut or a hat. Man that is some greasy off beat emo like hair.

Oh I’ll enjoy all right. I’ll enjoy that cash reward for finding the thief that stole footage from the fight club! Have fun in jail. :smokin:

Awesome pics btw

She was not wearing tights.
Just her green leotard and paint on skin.

I was really close, I know.

Maybe we can see the hardware thief in these pictures. Also, I see somebody from UCLA.

cool pics mang

My thoughts

  1. holy shit IRL hakan is the best thing ever
  2. justin needs a haircut
  3. yoshi is the happiest looking guy on the planet

Imagine working on a project for 2 years constantly under pressure, constantly worrying about every little detail and deadlines and now finally he can take a little break before he needs to worry about the Arcade version. I would be just like Ono-san, smiling all the time and enjoy my little time off from the daily grind that is Street Fighter production…

That wong hair

Its even worse in HD

Left 4 Dead 3:

Haha, I recognize a few of those faces from meetups…XD awesome

The air in there must have felt electric.

And smelled bad.

Thanks for the pics!



no really i lol’t

DUN DUN DUN, Captain Orgasmoooo.

That’s a nice shirt Daigo is wearing <3

And <3

Yeah I dunno what was going on with Justin’s hair, it almost looks like some sort of weird balding comb over. I know too much about hair but just in case he’s reading it maybe he can take the tips: it looks like it’s been thinned out to much, or it’s just naturally thin because it’s asian hair so you gotta use less styling product or it gets that stringy consistency that looks weird. If you compare daigo’s hair that looks good but natural to Wong’s hair that looks like he might be trying too much, you can tell the difference.

Daigo looks like he has himself together though. That’s rare with competitive gamers.

Justin really needs a haircut, it’ll seriously start interfering with his game.

Also, Daigo’s hair is the same as Nakky’s, from the devblog. Cute emotionless beast.

J.Wong looks like a caveman! :smiley: