Capcom's Super Street Fighter IV Launch Party Photos

Nice pics thanks man !

That one is beautiful :rofl:

Picture #98 is the best in the series for the pure LULZ factor.

Ono looks like Bobby Lee lol. “hehehe, ho ho ho, oh oh - HATDOG!”

No tights? Wow, she looked very well kept. Anymore Cammy cosplayer pics someone?

Daigo’s 27/8 (or something), J-Wong is 22/3 so in a few years I imagine he’ll be in even better shape and perhaps have a more ‘regular’ haircut.

Imo, his haircut doesn’t bother me how it is doing for some other folks. It’s fine, and good for him for keeping it how he likes it.

Yeah, there were like 10 of us from UCLA. Awesome pictures!!!

Awesome pictures. So any party after the official event?

Jwong has Chris Kaman circa 2007 hair.