Capital Mall (Olympia) MvC2 10/11

1st: Eric Foley “StiltMan” : BH/Sentinel/Commando
2nd: Lawrence Nath “LawrencIUM” : Mag/Cable/Sent-Y, MSS-A, MSP
3rd: Von Agustia : Sentinel/Cable/Commando, Storm/Cable/Commando, Sentinel/Storm/Cable
4th: Sophal Long : Sentinel/Cable/Commando
5th: Dave McConnon “Assquatch” : MSP
5th: Jason Conger “Mind Reaver” : Mag/Cable/Sent-A, Sent/Cable/Commando

Stilt over Lawrence winners’ finals 3-2
Lawrence over Von losers’ finals 3-1
Stilt over Lawrence grand finals 4-0

My Magneto dashes don’t come out on the 2p side. :frowning: Oh well.
I’m bitter but I’m ok with how things went. I could have beaten Sophal but didn’t. I can whine and shit but I don’t care, I had fun. I was mainly pissed that I couldn’t be a part of the team tourney because of work. :frowning:

Once again, thanks Lawrence and Stilt for coming, hope you enjoyed it and all that.

By the way, I threw in an extra $5 in the pot at the start so you guys got a little extra. :slight_smile:

And Lawrence owes me a Laffy Taffy. :wink:

Yeah, I certainly thought it was worth coming up. Okay, so it wasn’t the most competitive thing I ever went to, but even those are worth going to IMO because it’s a way to help people get better, by exposing them to a taste of how things are done in the bigger cities. In this case, Lawrence as a taste of what Portland’s rush looks like and me as a taste of what hardcore turtling can still do in this game. :smiley:

Sure, some of that already got scene in Seattle, but a lot of the players who were there hadn’t ever been to Seattle yet, so it never hurts.

Post when the next one is. :slight_smile: