Cap'n Crunch may be sailing away FOREVER!

Is Cap’n Crunch Easing Quietly Into Retirement? - DailyFinance

The Cap’n can’t leave us now!

There is still so many years of sugary crunch left.

A little piece of me died inside.

In recent news Count Chocula goes into witness protection.

This kind of mentality will see the wonderous world of fantastical cereal mascots replaced with dull, generic, geometry-themed breakfast ‘treats’ like Crispy Hexagons

captain crunch with berries was tha shit!
i’ll never forget the taste of those artificial berries. just…delicious.

fruity pebbles beats it by a mile though.
these are kid cereals though.

now, i’m into less sugary cereals like honey bunches of oats with real peaches.
now that shit is soooooooooooo good, you can eat it dry.
you don’t even need the milk.
highly recommended.

But what about the Crunch Berries donut?!

wtf??? this cant be true!! :sad:

First waffle crisps, then french toast crunch and now this?

We are in a new generation you guys, you can’t expect them to produce captain crunch forever…actually that sounds like a good cereal

Captain Crunch Forever…

yes the captain makes it happen(if heard that line in a porn before so I guess thats where it came from)

there are new cereals dropping out that are amazing like mini honey nut shredded wheats, frosted wheats with the fruit in the middle, the new golden kellog’s honey roasted flakes…etc. so I want to see what the future holds imo…