Capoeira Fighter 3 - digital download released

Hey Guys,

we finally released a digital download version of Capoeira Fighter 3.

You can grab it here:

Have fun!

Played a lot of Street Fighter and Tekken growing up, and train capoeira in real life.

I make video games now for a living.

Been working on my own side project Capoeira Fighter 3 for a few years and just finished it. 29 characters…

Would love to get feedback from fighting game fans:

if you want to play with a joystick, you can grab the control emulator here:

(you may have to set up the config file to match your joystick)

game play vids on youtube:


Thanks for playing!


it’s pretty cool. what i don’t like is everyone uses capoeira (well it is called capoeira fighter so nevermind). would’ve been cool if you had hand drawn the sprites in the same style as their character art, but 3d is cool too.

^saryn and panda have very nice designs, i really like the music used in this stage. i’ll give some thoughts after trying the demo.
edit: okay the loader takes way too long for me, even on a swift cable connection and after trying to use the preloader to get
the fights to start instantly. really, to be honest, a project like this should be attempted in a coded engine of its own, not just in flash.

Looks interesting…can’t get my controller working properly though…

I’m not gonna lie, this is the first time that I’ve ever seen 3D Models look on par with (average looking) sprites. Then again they aren’t “solid” 3D.

Oh and the controls don’t fucking work.

The game is excellent. Nice work. It looks good, plays right, and with the little JTK download, I’m rockin my stick too. I’m really feeling the power select system, gives the game a bit of extra strategy. Played it for about 30 minutes and already maining Jamaika. Only problem is the loading. A little tweak here and there and you’ve got something. Thanks for sharing. Good Luck in the future. And I see you didn’t hesitate to name a character after yourself huh? Holla.

Oh you have to use Internet Explorer in order to use the controls.

Goes Plays Game

Comes Back

Fuck what I said about this substituting the sprites this feels and looks clunky as shit when playing.

Still a decent fighter though.

Wow, this game looks really fun. Good job man.

The Johnny Lawrence guy is enough to make this greaty. I cracked a grin after hearing “SWEEP THE LEG!”

Cool game.

Wow! Nice!

You would too

Well, if you made your own fighting game, wouldn’t you put yourself in it too?

As for the loading if you want the preloader to work you have to be allowing things to cache. Also If you get the CD version loading isn’t an issue.

Firefox has issues with flash, especially with key presses, so definately play in IE.

Thanks for playing!

I always did like randomly messing around with the 1st 2 games. Never did treat it like a serious fighting game obviously but its random fun to play. I actually like how the game is centered around one style. Reminds you of a traditional Capoiera fight. Any ways…good to see that this is still being worked on.

It’s way better than anyother flash fighting game I’ve played and I’ve played a couple of good ones.

Holy shit this is cool :slight_smile:

The comp I’m on now is pretty bad so the game is slow, but when I get my good one hooked up this game should run as smoothly as I see in the vids.

Lol games tight. I like the Perereca chic.

Looks nice, but I’ve seen 3 videos so far and not a single projectile. Are there any? If not, sorry, not interested.

Dude this game looks badass

Polarity: I swore there were projectiles, At least i thought i saw one

there are very few projectiles and because of the special dodge mechanic they aren’t really that useful.

The characters that have projectiles are Saryn, Angus, and Angoleiro. Angoleiro is the only one on the free web version, but you can see the others on youtube

Glad people are enjoying it. Anyone try it 2 player, or is everyone playing against the comp? Pretty proud of that comp, anybody beat it on lv 10 difficulty?

If I buy this, are you going to release patches for it? Like if something is broken and what not… will these be free? I want to buy this and probably will no matter what your answer is, I just was wondering. Also having the combo counter count up as the hits connect would be nice.

Animation looks nice from youtube. Good job on putting this together.