Capps' House 5/9 Single Elim 1 match Tourneys results

Ok, top 4 results for all to enjoy:
You had to stick to the same character for the whole tourney
Arcana Heart: (10 people)

  1. Rob “HeartNana” (Lilica)
  2. Andy “Capps_Indigo” (Heart)
  3. Phil “meta” (Liese)
  4. Yosh “ANGGGRY CHINA” (Maori)

Guilty Gear: (11 people)

  1. Ari “fLoE” (Eddy)
  2. Eric “Bob Washington” (Axl)
  3. Giovanni “RiotBloodAkuma” (Sol)
  4. Andy “Capps_Indigo” (Jam)

3S: (14 people)

  1. Ari “fLoE” (Necro)
  2. Eric “Bob Washington” (Chun)
  3. Jose “Part2” (Ken)
  4. Roger (Dudley)

Mai Otome: 8 people (quite possibly the world’s largest mai otome tourney ever)

  1. Aric “Chrono Sabre” (Whoever was the default character for whatever side he was on, so Arika if he was 1P and Nina if he was 2P)
  2. Andy “Capps_Indigo” (Natsuki)
  3. Rob “HeartNana” (Arika)
  4. Mario “MightyMar” (Nina)

Karnov’s Revenge: 6 person Round Robin

  1. Roger (Marstarious) - 9 points
  2. Andy “Capps_Indigo” (Clown) - 9 points
  3. Rob “HeartNana” (Karnov) - 8 points
  4. Phil “meta” (Karnov) - 5 points
  5. Mario “MightyMar” (Marstarious) - 4 points
  6. Yosh “ANGGGRY CHINA” (Marstarious) - 2 points

Since Roger and Andy were tied in rounds won at the end, they played one last match to decide who won.

There we have it. Fun times for all. :smiley:

Good job Rob and Ari:karate::tup:


Ari told me to pick a character for him, so i picked Necro.

Ari’s Necro is crap…

…but I’m crappier!

Good shit! :tup:

Fighters History Dynamite? lol, GJ!