Cap's OTG shield slash

Just wondering if anybody else has noticed this, it’s normal across all OTG attacks, or if this applies to cap only.

When you catch an assist and combo in the air blah blah. Then when you ss low, it’s kind of random. Sometimes it will hit both the chars, sometimes it will only hit one of them and kind of screws up the whole thing, especially if it only hits the assist and the non assisted char can roll out / have a chance to defend. I haven’t really noticed this kind of thing happening with other OTG attacks that have caught an assist. Is this true, or am I just retarded (no trolling on that please).
Just kind of wondering. It’s just annoying not being able to give maximum punishment when catching an assist.

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It’s part of some of the changes they made across the board for Ultimate, where certain moves will not combo both characters. It happens with Wesker’s gun, Doom’s Foot Dive, and Wolverine’s Drill Claw as well.

Alright. Just wanted to make sure that all the OTG moves did this and it wasn’t just exclusive to cap. Not trying to say I found a bug, but just wanting confirmation more or less. Thanks for the info. Guess I’ll have to find a different way.

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Ah, I was wondering what was going on. I’ve been wasting X factor a lot on what I think are happy birthday kill combos and then whoops there goes the assist.

I just had an idea, but I’m at work so I can’t try it out. Does this only apply to OTG moves or does it apply to almost everything?

Just kind of wondering how I could help maximize my damage for when I cat g an assist.

Could you still do c.l c.m c.h shield slash h then do some combo there (multiple possibilities) or would there still be potential for letting one of the characters you caught fall out?

I’ll have to try it out later I guess.

I apologize for any typos / messed up grammar, I’m typing on my phone.

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Certain moves just don’t pick up 2 characters. It’s been this way since Vanilla where Dante’s air play (move where he shoots a purple ball after strumming his guitar), and Wesker’s OTG gun will not pick up 2 people. Even Wesker’s OTG gun assist will not pick up two people.

Cap’s OTG SS will pick up 2 characters almost 100% of the time when done with the right spacing. The trick is to do the Shield slash as close as possible to the 2 opponents and it will always them up. I used to wonder about his OTG SS and its “Happy Birthday ability” but then I realized that whenever I have a happy birthday in the corner, I always picked up both characters. So then I came up with this theory and its worked wonders for me ever since.

So the trick is, dash up as close as possible and then do the OTG shield slash and then immediately go into HCS. But make sure you do it fast enough or else one of the characters will get up and you will leave yourself vulnerable.

That’s kind of what I was noticing ken. Sometimes when you’re lucky it will catch both of them mid screen as well. Guess you have to just fall close enough if you air combo the two.

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You can change your combos to fall closer to the opponent.
s -> j. m, j. h, j. s falls a LOT farther away than s -> j. h, j. s.

If you do your Normal Air series, depending on what it is (mine is; L,M,H,S,Air M, Air M, Air H, Down Air H, Air S) THEN you can do the Light SS on the ground and from what i’ve notice no matter where i am it will always pick up both characters. from that you can do Standing H, S, (Air Series again ^^) Then another Light SS>HCS. if they arent dead by then X facter and Light SS again into another HCS.