Captain america dead

in watercolor and pen

comments/crits always welcomed. took about 2-3 hours.

WTF? Nice drawing talent you have there, but…

…WTF. Who is that guy who is standing up bleeding?

Is it really captain america, or the blond actor guy from Zoolander?

That’s Steve Rogers. And he’s actually on the ground.

Very nice BTW! I love it :tup:

love this one. it’s awesome, the way the watercolor turned out, a perfect example of why watercolor in the right hands is absolutely beautiful. a few things tho. i noticed a few spots where the blood flows from cap’s face doesn’t actually look like it’s flowing down on his face, but kinda splashed on. like the big one on his mouth. also, it’s hard to tell he’s on the ground because of the up close zoom on his face. when i first looked at it i thought it was like a slow mo frame where he’s in the process of getting hit, in which case i thought the look on his face wasn’t quite right. aside from those few things, this is definitely a favorite. keep the great stuff comin man.

thanks all.

yes i imagined he was on the ground. i was even going to put like a cobblestone type thing…but everyone who sees it says not to, and that was my thought as well.

but i do like the idea that some people see it as the moment of, and some see it as after.

the blood spatter was spur of the moment, and i tilted, and shook the paper to make it run, so i wasn’t carefully laied out…again maybe it should have been, but i kinda like the randomness of it. but i totally see what you mean.

For me it actually looks like he’s in the process of falling after he got shot. It kinda looks cooler if you think of it that way.

nice job RW. The watercolour effect works for the subject matter.
nitpick – I think his mouth is too low on his face.
cheers man.

Get a hand and cast shadow in there and it will be good. Better to let the viewer know where he’s at.

Where is the exit wound?

good that hes dead,
i hate him