Captain america double jump combo

i think im doing something wrong becasue i get like shit dmg its like its not even worth going thorght the trouble of doing it when it give me like i dont crapy dmg… i think im doing it wrong can someone tell the accueal combo?

no your probably doing it right,

the way to get good damage is to do 3 hits of the air combo at the height where you end it with the HP just barely hitting them so you can reach them with a heavy kick afterwards.

it’s harder but does more damage.

it’s like

lp, lk, mp HP (they are horizontal to you or above you almost) and cancel into either UP HK or down HK i forget.

there is also a double jump combo that does more damage, but it’s harder, it’s

Lp, Mp (pause) Lp, Mp (pause) double jump lp, lk, mp, mk HP

i’ve done the first one , not the second one.

thanks ill try that out later

If your looking to do Cap Am’s infamous double jump combo, this is is

c.fp, sj., sj,lp, (short pause), sj.lp (short pause), sj.lp (shrt pause), double jump, sj.lp,,,, sj.fp ,sj.rk- (landing the rk at the end depends on the height and position of the opponent I think)

If you wanna be fancy, you can do the combo a little slower, then land a throw at the end of the four hit magic series instead of ending it with sj.fp, sj.rk.

does anyone know any captain america resets?

the best cross up i have is just rush in call sent drones/storm typhoon and make them block a few hits then do that flip move and get behind them then launch them into an aircombo =\

captainAmerica is so quick, and he takes hit’s well for a mid-t.
he’s on my team but i need to work on him more.
oh yea he has soom great reset combos, i’ll have to get them in order

well i dont play captinan america and sry for mispelling it but i found an interesting combo wth him.i use lp lp down forward fierce punch which he throws the shield and do final justice it all connects well i hope that combo helps u guys out and any other things i find out ill post it here.

I came up with a new double jump combo that does more damage and looks better.

It’s launch

depending on your height

slow dial lp, lk, mp (pause) lp double jump lp, lk, lp (pause) throw, (does around 55 damage)

even if you do a middle kick and a heavy attack afterwards instead of the throw it does about 3 more damage than his older double jump combo/regular combo and builds more meter.


Yea, this is the version that i’ve been using ever since I saw it in a combo vid a couple years back.

I see you on a lot Marvel forums Jin, you really know your shit. Btw, do you know my friend Charles? He runs, and I think I remember him mentioning something about you contributing.

Yeah I do remember talking to him and I wrote up that small bison guide in the bison forum for him but I also posted it in SRK. He’s a cool guy, I’ve been meaning to contribute more to his wikipedea ,but I’ve been busy and on top of that I got a new hard drive and the old one is on hiatus so the info on how to access the wikipedia is no longer on my current HD.

Well thanks man. See you arond and if you have any tips on low tiers I’d appreciate if you post in the new low tier thread.

A double jump combo reset would be

launch, lp, lk, mp (link) lp (link) lp (mp works too but it’s slower) then jump up foward do something else like lp, hp or possibly lp, mp, mk up+hk. for around 66 damage total and you can also mix that up by instead of going for a reset combo, go into double jump into a throw.

or you can jump in hp(dash) Charging star (dash)lk launch j.lp j.lp(pause)j.lp jump)j.lp j.lp(pause)j.lp j.hp…MASSIVE DAMAGE!