Captain America: Mission Mode



Here you can ask your questions or provide tips about Cap’s 10 missions.

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My problem is with mission #9. Does anyone have any visual ques to tell me when to jump towards Chun-Li? Right now, I’m trying to jump when her hand goes underneath the banner that says “Perform a combo using Shield Slash (mid-screen only)” and this hasn’t been working out too well.

Also, when I do get the timing right, after the Anti-Ground Kick, I never have time to input the light Shield Slash. Any tips on this?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


for mission 9 the trick is to do the j l m h m shield slash then walk forward a bit and then jump and do the m h L shield slash…the rest is pretty easy…it’s just making sure you get the anti air kick to l shield slash that is hard