Captain American vs Dante?

So practically I have been following a lot of tournies/streams for ultimate marvel vs capcom 3. And there is a pattern that I have noticed when it comes to those who win compared to those who don’t, simplicity. What I mean by this is the characters that usually win are those that do not need to by stylish in a form of 50-60 hit combos but instead can do 15-25 hits with more damage ie, nemesis, vergil, ghost rider, ryu, and of course the amazing wesker and many more. One that I was noticing was Captain America. He seems so amazing right now, especially now that he has that otg he looks great. Right now my team is ghost rider, dante, and vergil. I was thinking about replacing dante with Captain America. Would you consider that a better trade?..a worse trade? even trade?..why? The only thing I am worry about however, is the fact that compared to dante captain america needs some meter to preform meaning that my anchor (vergil) will not have much meter with his amazing level 4 (insta kill anyone in the cast with a little combo). But lets face it…charging star assist is pretty freaking sick.

First not to be rude but there is a team building thread.

Strictly from what i see, Captain america is more reliable. But dante can do more overall.
a trade of the two wouldn’t be the worst idea but I honestly have to say try both and see which you’re more comfortable with, it never hurts to be able to use more than 3 characters.

The issue i face is that both captain america and ghost rider seem like better point characters.

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