Captain Britain and MI13

First look-
Oh and sorry if this should be in the SI thread.

That’s some decent artwork.

Interview -

Is it wrong that the character interests me the most in this series is Faiza?

When they have a John Lennon Skrull on the roster? Maybe… :rofl:


You say you want a Secret Invasion
Well, you know…


Ah, I’ll spare you the Yellow Skrull Machine joke… :blush:

^I have no idea what you were talking about (no offense), but issue #1 is out :smiley:

LOL you don’t know any Beatles songs? Go rent Across The Universe if you’re bored, that will give you the cliff notes. :rofl:

Ah I might pass I ain’t much of a fan of the old 60s songs, sorry mate ^_^;;
…but damn this issue was KICKASS! Gonna go look for info on the other characters to get an idea of their background.

“Old '60s songs?” OLD 60’S SONGS?! How can you say that!! You crazy, son, you are CRAZY

Gentlemen…a moment of silence…
…moment over.


[details=Spoiler]Can use Excalibur now :rock:
Oh and Blade’s coming in next issue :nunchuck:[/details]

Seriously people, anyone else still reading this awesome masterpiece?
Next issue should be coming out next week and the arc will be
revolving around

I can now imagine Sano jumping and dancing with glee over the use of a classic Marvel character much the same way Marvel’s Godzilla was used in BH6[/details]

Tizoc’s spoiler


Um no because Dracula is public domain so anyone can use him at any time, last Marvel books I read of him were when he showed up in the Apocalypse vs. Dracula book like 2 years ago or so, so shrug? Not to mention a hella funny Dracula appearance in Buffy Season 8 even that’s a different reality ha ha! Ah well no hate or anything. Me I just don’t like what Marvel has done with Captain Britain over the years (big Alan Davis Excalibur fan, never liked what became of Meggan in recent years) so I don’t mess with this book too much. Nothing against the writer, artist, fans of this book or whatever. Though yeah the current economy’s tough on everyone so I’m really only checking out X-Men and Spidey related books on Marvel’s side, well cherry picking the ones I like anyway. On top of the other assorted way too many comics I read every week from other publishers. I’ll probably check this out in TPBs if at all. And like seriously and no offense but come on you can’t compare GOJIRA to Bella Lugosi no freaking way! :looney: Was pretty cool that this book remembered that Blade is actually British, really everyone forgets that. :wink:

Huh…how was that mini anyways? Was it good?
Anyways, if you manage to scrap some extra cash, do get the first TPB which is out I believe.

Apoc. vs Drac? Decent I guess. Nothing really mind blowing or anything. It was really funny that Marvel’s Van Helsing in that book looked like Wolverine since Hugh Jackman played them both. :looney:

Hmm may give it a read someday, but yeah give this series a read Sano, if not purchasing the TPBs, then reading them in an LCS/bookshop/library is enough…for you at least.
Spread the hype and love homie!

“Old 60’s songs!?!”

Hey picked up issue #10 after seeing Doom call Dracula Tepes while reading in store man couldn’t resist lol! This book got it right, Doom is so not a racist unlike how Hudlin depicted him in Black Panther… Um, Hudlin you’re aware that Doom was in love with Storm right? Course not…

Anyway it was nice to see that there’s still some hope for Meggan coming back and it was good to see Blade written well FOR ONCE.

Guess I’m onboard for this series. I’ll just consider it an X-Men book with Captain Britain and Pete Wisdom (both members of Excalibur, Britain is Psylocke’s brother) so it will fit into my current X-Men/Spidey book Marvel budget lol! Ah well Spider-Girl and Nightwing getting canceled, guess there’s room for me to pick up another book. :smile:

X-men book? Do you even know how many mutants are on the team? So far I only count one: Wisdom, the rest are either Vampires or super-powered individuals, get your facts right man, you really made me :wasted: when I read X-Men book.
Oh and Faiza is hawt.

Doom isn’t racist huh? I actually don’t remember if Doom acted that way about Wakandians when T’challa came to visit him.

Captain Britain (again, Psylocke’s brother) and Pete Wisdom were both members of Excalibur which was an X-Men book back in the day. If anything this is kind of another take on the same book sans Mutants. If you ever get a chance you should look into reading Alan Davis’ Excalibur run, it’s very similar. And yeah tell me it’s not an X-Men book in no shape / size / form so I can convince myself not to buy it lol! J/K :rofl:

Doom said to Black Panther that he believed that whites were superior to Blacks in intellect while Blacks excelled in Athleticism. The same thing someone in the American sports world said and got in trouble for a few years back. Despite Doom himself being a Gypsy… Which is a mixed race but still… Oh and in that book Latverians have never seen Black people before so they didn’t know how to react… :confused:

Why are you blasting him when he said he would pick the book up on the regular? It doesn’t matter what his reasons for it are, another fan to the book is always a good thing.

On that note, both you and Sano should also add The Goon to your pull lists if you don’t have the book already.