Captain Swooordah!

I dunno if I should be doing this but I’m a little scared but here goes. Yeah this is my Captain Thread haha whew and I just wanted to point out my theory for captain and why imo he is a freaking good char. Well in these past recent weeks Cammndo became one of main and one of my favorite chars I think Cammndo is one of the better characters in the game and if used right can own teh shit out of Magneto…fuking bitch fuk you magnetic shock wave11!!!1. But yeah I use him Ground Type I think its the best for him but his assist isnt as good as his antiair but his speacial is the shit in ground type which covers for it I like to use Ctp Sword only when my specail is a lvl 2 - Max because I use it to combine with my other chars specails the reason why I think its so good is because it Drags them to the ground but in this case into me other team mates speacials. So the char who I’m fighting gets sent into burning beams of goodness instead of just making a crater in the concrete. I realy like captain sword for its good use and at the fact you can catch mid air opponents with it and drag them into your team mates speacials. So yeah imo when using comando try using him with any one he is a good team mate and his specail can combine well with over char’s so try to expirment like I did enjoy!

:rofl:(Laughing like Donald Duck).

Wow, you REALLY have alot to learn about this game.

that’s one hell of a sentence. pretty long…

hahaha In part 1 he was one of my best and favorite characters, but in mvc2 he somewhat lost his spank.

Magnetic Shockwave > you

I think my capcom skills just improved.

Captain Sword > You…jk hey well at least people are posting in here. Hahaha any way I just wanted to post this up to see if any one could critque my style of fighting and how I use CC in my main team which is Ryu, Captian Commando, and BB Hood.

Show me a move!