Captain sword super damage



i am having trouble figuring out the secret

at first i did launch, catain corridor xxx captain sword like i was doing a hypergrav XX magnetic tempest or blackhearts inferno XX HOD but it only does a measly 44 points of damage

it doenst evne look like it does a high amount of hits.

then i tried skipping the launcher and doing captain corridor XX captain sword and it did like 77 points of damage.

i tried doing it again and i’m back at 44. what the heck is the timing to get it to do 77 ish damage.

i just turned off my xbox so i dont want to check but as i wrote this and read some other threads i think that the 44 meant that it didnt combo and the 44 damage was the result of the super alone. :<

also i read that u can combo the QCF+KK hyper combo into a captain sword. i understand the mechanics of that but is it worth leanring, how much extra damage does it do.


Captian sword is gay, if you send them to far, you’ll get that quick slash drag instead of the full drag, best way of doing captian sword Mid screen is, you can hit this you know you are perfectly spaced to do it so you wanna make sure the hits deep by dashing in first, might work as well but im not sure), corrinder xx CS.

and in the corner i believe you can do,, s.hp, hp corrinder xx CS. (agian not sure on this)

comboing the CS off the Captian Rush is possible as long as you have time to do a, meaing they didn’t mash to quick rise. you do,, pause, CS.


Trip, lk, n.fp., hp corridor, Let em rise to the sweet spot, then sword them down. warning don’t miss against cable!

#4, c.fp, corridor> captain sword works best


well I was just wondering if any one here can help me decide for a good team this is my current team Captain Commando, Dr. Doom, and Storm but I want to take out storm for someone but don’t know who would be useful to my team.


Sent or cable then.


Aw thank you my friend you have really helped me.

So any one here really hyped for MvC2 coming out for the 360 and PS3 this summer?