Capture Card


Okay, guys. I want to get a capture card and start recording my Cody and eventually my Marvel vs Capcom 3 teams for critiquing. How would I go about doing this? I know I need a capture card, can I get them at Best Buy or something? How much does an efficient one run? What else do I need to get it to capture and transfer it to my computer. My PC is prepared for anything, it’s a gaming PC. My TV is a Vizio 37" 1080p tv. If you need the model, just ask. I need help figuring out how I’m gonna get my Cody playing from my TV to my computer. Thanks for any help!


You could get a capture card at best buy. It all depends on what you’re looking for. You can go el-cheapo route and get an ez-cap (under $10 on amazon) for just composite (Red White Yellow) or spend upwards around $200 for an internal card like the Black Magic Intensity and get HDMI/Composite/Component. Be warned though, if you want to capture HDMI from a PS3, you’re going to need something that supports HDCP. From what I remember the BMI does not.


Hello fellow Philadelphian.

Now, with the composite one what are the disadvantages to this? crappy quality? I know I don’t want to get anything internal that I’ll have to put into my television or PS3. I guess I just want the simplest way to get footage from my tv to the computer.

What is HDCP and where can I find something that supports it?


Intenal was refering to inside your PC. i.e. using a PCI or PCI express port, as opposed to USB. You’re going to need to split the signal from the system to the TV and capture card (so a Y cable, or three or five depending on what cables you’re using)
There’s nothing inherently wrong with Composite video, but you’re not going to be recording anything higher resolution than an SD signal.
High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia this is HDCP (and its a load of bullshit, if I may say so myself.) I can’t think of any capture cards off the top of my head that support HDCP. The only two I’ve personally worked with (BMI:P and Avermedia HDPVR) did not. anyone else feel free to chime in. This only effects you if you’re coming out through HDMI, if you’re using Component (Red/White Red/Green/Blue) or Composite (Red/White/Yellow) this doesn’t effect you.


The quality of content on the ez cap is adjustable, but you’re getting nothing over 480p for sure.

If that’s not an issue, it is a good low cost option. If possible, use something other than the included software, it’s pretty awful.

Also, you don’t necessarily need a capture card just to record matches. A decent digital camera with video recording capabilities can also do well depending on your setup.