Capture Cards Internal/External


Hello, i’m looking around for a capture card due to the fact that MvC3 does not have replay built in so i can’t see the mistakes I make in the matches i play. I don’t want to pay too much so i would love to hear your suggestions.


Check this one out BlitzCast | The Ultimate Video Game Capture Card for the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii. | Stream Live & Record Games | Anti-Cheat Gaming System, I haven’t used one but I’m planning to try this one out.


I wouldn’t suggest the blitzcast. Many people have had issues with its sound playback or laggy playback

If you are on a budget, go with a dazzle. If you want to get that HD shit, go with a hauppauge HD PVR. both are external capture devices that plug into ur computer via USB. this would mean, that your computer is in close proximity to your xbox (obviously)

if you are looking for an internal capture device i’ve heard good things about the Black Magic intensity but like the hauppauge it is quite pricey.

I am very happy with the hauppauge although, editing video is a little difficult with its file formats. Easily uploadable to youtube tho


There are really a lot of options in the market right now. What exactly do you want? These are my thoughts:

  • For SD play and SD recording (CRT) go easycap, cheapest option with decent results
  • For HD play and SD recording, go Hava HD Platinum. Not quite sure about the current price, but has decent result as well
  • For HD play and HD recording, definitely go HD PVR. This is the most popular device right now, and raw files can be uploaded directly to youtube (example [media=youtube]quDkaq_2QS4"[/media])

I own both Hava HD Platinum and HD PVR. I can tell that HD PVR works wonderful. One note here: You need component cable since none of these devices take HDMI in.
For HDMI in boxes, I think the only one in the market is the BlackMagic Intensity

Good luck!