Capture match vids?

I’ve noticed that quite a few people capture match vids from nfba and post them online.

I’ve recorded many of my matches using the built in kaillera recorder. What app should I use to capture them? I downloaded hypercam2 but it runs hella slow and it’s not capturing any sound for some reason.

Any recommendations?

I hear fraps works as long as you full screen NFBA when doing replays. Hypercam isn’t bad but you usually need a good codec to make it work out to it’s potential. Most people I know tend to use a divx codec for it, dont remember the exact one. The sound issues depends on youn sound card mostly.

A good buddy of mine uses Camtasia and he wrote an awsome guide for it. If you wanna take a look at it lemme know so I can get you a link.

Yeah that would be great…thanks!