Capturing game videos

Sup all, my pc shit the bed a few weeks ago so I can’t use my capture card atm. I was thinking about picking up one of those dvd recorders in order to capture videos, those seem to be getting cheaper every day. Is this a viable way to upload game footage? What do most of these recorders save as, standard iso? (unlikely) avi or mpeg?

Off the top of my head, I remember every video editor I’ve came across preferred mpeg, and if you had to convert an avi to mpeg, you had to wait for several hours. So I guess I want a dvd recorder that records as mpegs, and if any of you can help that would be cool.

I should expand on this by saying I’m looking for the cheapest way to get SD video from rf/av inputs onto my pc.

I literally JUST bought console recording stuff. I don’t know if it is the best, or all that it can do, but it looks pretty darn good. I found all this info on a youtube video, but it has been deleted so I’ll try to explain everything… Wish me luck.

  1. Buy Dazzle Video Recorder Platinum - Click Here
    Input cables you can use are RCA and S-Video. Looking at my program, there are loads of formats to save videos, as well as more quality options under those:
    PC Files
    AVI, DivX, iPod, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Real Media, Sony PSP, Windows Media
    Disk Formats
    Tape Formats
    VGA Display

(If you are going to use RCA, buy the following)
*Note: I have not tested if the following work, I should test it tomorrow.
2. Buy 3 RCA adapters - Click Here
You can record directly to the dazzle, but the screen is small and there is a second delay so it is not good if you are playing a game. These should allow you to play the game on your tv at the same time the Dazzle is recording. You will also need to buy the extra cables to connect the Dazzle to the plugs. I’ll let you find what cables you need on your own.

I plan on getting everything set up tomorrow. I ran a test last night, I have 17 Gigs of memory and Dazzle said it would record at least 4 hours before I would run out of space. I would need more space if I were to make a movie and save the video file. If you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer them. Send a PM for the quickest response.:razz:

With this setup, I can do HD, as well as SD…

Prices: (no periphrial costs)
CeLabs AV400COMP Distribution Amplifier: $100
BlackMagic Intensity Pro Capture Card: $350
CineForm Neo HDV Capture Software: $250

Final Video results:

DVD recorders work great for capturing match vids. All you need to do is rip the DVD on your pc and convert to a smaller format like divx or xvid and you’re good to go.

Ferret, I’ve been thinking about getting Dazzle. When you start working with it, can you answer two questions for me?

  1. Any live stream capabilities?
  2. How is the packaged editing software?

I saw a YouTube tutorial for using Dazzle, and it looked pretty good (especially for the price).

Just so you guys know, it works great! Also, the best way to contact me is through PM’s. I’ll gladly help you out!

yeah I have the intensity pro like in jaxels post and I find it works better capturing using cineform neo over virtualdub. You really do need a good raid setup in any case though. Also this Hauppage HD PVR was just released so you way want check some reviews to see how it performs.

Here are some links of my captures with the intensity pro:

Xbox 360 : Halo 3

Wii Boom Blox