Capturing software

Since studio 10 and instant dvd recorder is peice of crap cus it keeps freezing. the longest ive been able to record is 3:36 and wmm for vista cant record so im buttfucked in every way. Is there any software that record with

fraps ?


Camstasia , Snagit

by the way
i use dazzle dvc100
whats the best that wont cause repeated freezing

EDIT- also very important is it vista compatible
appreciate it

fraps and gamecam record directly of your pc. im looking for one like studio wmm xp that records out of a dazzle and records your tv. i looked up camstasia/camtasia and snagit and i couldnt find a clear answer if it records out of your tv or your pc

Evil Ryu… your best bet will probably be Microsoft’s Graph Studio… its a little complicated to use… but it is by far one of the best free programs I have found yet… Some others also recommend IUVCR, but I havent tried that yet, and its not free.

This is my GraphStudio workflow… Allow me to explain what everything means… Each box on the screen is a filter, data goes through it and goes out the other end.

Column One
These are all my inputs… I use an BlackMagic Decklink Intensity Pro capture card… so it does both audio and video inputs. My third input is a boom mic I have in the center of the room that I plan on using to pick up room conversations during a match video… These filters are what handle the input processing…

Column Two
SmartTee is a “splitter” filter. All it really does is split an input into a capture and a preview… Basically, it lets me capture the video and then split it so that I can watch a preview of the capture at the same time as I record it to a capture file. Obviously, I only have the video going to a preview section, but I left SmartTee up for the audio inputs just in case I ever needed them.

Column Three
The AVI Decompressors simply convert the input video into a DirectShow format. Almost all video done on a Windows machine, requires DirectShow to be able to proces it. Even video which doesnt use DirectShow, is emulated through it in Windows Media Player.

The PCM filters are file conversion filters. These filters are basically, “on-the-fly” converting the audio inputs into a WAV-PCM format that will later be muxed together into the capture file

Column Four
The Cineform HD Encoder filter is a file conversion filter as well… This converts the video “on-the-fly” to the Cineform Intermediate codec; its one of the best lossy capture compression codecs I have seen, but it costs $250. You have other options as well; my capture card comes with the BlackMagic MJPEG Compression, as well as BlackMagic Uncompressed… the MJPEG compression is shit, so I dont use it, and for the uncompressed, you would need 4 high-speed hard drives in Raid-0 to handle the write speeds. Some people on Doom9 swear by the free Lossless HuffyLuv compression, but I think the file sizes are way too big and the gain is negligable.

The Video Renderer filter is just that… it renders the video into a preview window. Pressing the Start/Run button in GraphStudio will open up a preview window and the video will play inside it.

Column Five
This is the MUX filter. Muxing in video is the process of putting together fields into a single file… So “demuxing” would be splitting apart a video into its each individual fields (seperate video and audio files). This AVI Mux filter is putting together a single file that has a video field, and two seperate audio tracks.

Column Six
This filter simply defines the output file… Which I have named “Component…avi”. When I hit the Start/Run button in the program, it will beginning running the entire filter and place its contents on-the-fly into this file.

And for those who are interested… this is my video workflow…

And an example video…