Capturing video from a Taito Type X2

Anyone know of a good way to capture video from one of these units?

specifically i’m looking to capture a 1280x720 signal from a Street Fighter IV from the DVI port, it doesnt have to be in HD, it can be downsampled to 480i… I just want a direct feed.

Since it is a standard pcie video card we tried hooking s-video cables to the video card, but it doesnt work so we assume its disabled, so far it seem that the only way is to get the video signal from the DVI port, which we dont even know if theres HDCP in it… or if its in RGB. We also tried converting the DVI to VGA, but the video won’t output in HD from there. i think DVI out is the only way.

Is there a capture card solution that will allow me to record the feed while still outputting it to the display monitor? I realize i might need to split the signal beforehand.

you can try those expensive capture cards like
intensity pro, or pegasus.

It’s likely that the DVI out is DVI-A, but the reason why it won’t show on a HDTV via VGA might be because of the weird resolution (which I believe is 1360 X 768).

I would say your best bet is to get a VGA -> Component converter, then feed the 768p component video to one of those higher end capture cards (Intensity Pro, Monster-X, PV4).

im considering getting the Intensity or Intensity Pro, basically what i’m capturing is video from a DVI port of a video card.

i’m hoping there isnt HDCP in video cards for directx games.

Like I said, I think the DVI port might not be outputting digital video stream. I’m pretty sure the video stream from the DVI port is actually analog which is basically RGB/VGA.

If the video is analog (very likely), you can’t capture anything with the regular Intensity since it only supports digital video. You need Intensity Pro or any of the Japanese high res capture cards (Monster-X, PV4). These capture cards support analog video in component form, so you need to get a transcoder that converts RGB/VGA from TypeX2 into component, then feed the converted component video into the high res capture card.

You should also keep in mind that even if you do everything, there’s a slight chance that the capture card won’t recognize the video due to its weird resolution, but I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

on the taito x2, theres a dipswitch that toggles between 640x480 and 1280x720. so with a dvi-vga adapter, it can go 640x480 via a vga cable. but then the switch is toggled, vga doesnt work at 1280x720 at all. only when we used a DVI-HDMI cable attached the dvi port to the TV’s hdmi port cable and hooked it to a hdtv it would work…

There’s an arcade in Korea that’s doing direct feed from their SF4 machine, so I’ll see what they’re doing to get it working.