Car audio installers needed!

I’m opening up a car audio shop around the San Gabriel Valley Area and I need installers. If you know how to fabricate or upholster or tint that’s a plus.

Send resumes to

imma give you a serious tip bro. dont bother. seriously. if you have money to invest, do something else with it. the radio fad is long over and now all cars come with semi-decent stuff. the only way to make money is to do huge custom installs and people with money for that only go to big names to get it done. just some food for thought.



this is a scam, flagged.

I agree with Watson that it will be hard getting started with a new business, especially a car audio business. The turn around for a lot of audio business is frequent, I see it all the time in the San Gabriel Valley (Rosemead, El Monte, San Gabriel). You need to look towards something bigger if you want to get into the automotive industry, especially in an area were the industry is already big and established with high profile shops.

Good luck with whatever it is you do, and just for clarification, will SRK members get discounts on the products/services you offer? :slight_smile:



You never got back to me about that “All Real Males” adult site you were starting.

You get my resume? How about the pics?!


thanks for the advice watson, but imma take a stab at it, i have a huge promotions base already and i got customers lined up ready to buy and install. i’m big on a lot of forums for subarus, vw, honda, evos, and rx7, and we’ll also be the ONLY shop to do off the shelf hybrid swaps for wrxs, and the ONLY outside shop of Porsche to do Porsche swaps.

Hmm, so you are going to be doing more than just Audio and Upholstry? How about paint? I have a few body parts that need painting, and would wrather support a fellow SRK’er than to spend the cash somewhere else when I have it available.

Where are you looking to locate exactly? Good luck!

got the keys to the place this week, it’s off the 10 fwy off fremont, near cal state los angeles…

we will be doing car audio (specializing in carputers)
and car specific custom stuff like evo gauge clusters and double din kits
and mild performance

i’m selling stuff already and i got customers waiting to get stuff installed and we don’t even have the building setup yet lol

wtf are you talking about? i hope ur not talking about my shop G

Good luck man, I feel where Watts is coming from though . My factory stereo is an 8 speaker bose, really no need for me to add to that unless I wanna go deaf. What about that shoryuken discount though? :rofl:


I have a 94 Honda Accord. How much to get the windows tinted?

Yo guy, I need my shit tinted also. How much we lookin at?

i’ll pm you two as soon as the shop is up!

also i;m sure that there are no cars equipped with carputers stock as of yet