Car Bonus Stage

I forgot how you get a perfect bonus on the car stage. Ya I know I sound stupid but I haven’t played 3rd Strike for years. If anyone has the time, help a fellow retard out.

not get hit by the car

no, you can get hit by it just make sure you use Healing if you’re elena

just watch out for its wakeup NOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSS

Are you asking “how do you beat up the car?”

Hit buttons. Hit the car. Do specials if you’re feeling spiffy. repeat until car is dead.

A better questions would be “What is the fastest way to beat up the car?”

fleeing pansy i live in lawrenceville ga too. what is your name?

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DooM knows this better then I do, he told me you’d have to beat the car up from both sides, if I remember correctly…

Necro + Elecricity
Chun + Lightning kicks + SAII

yeah u have to beat it up from both sides

Wow that’s pretty cool epsilon, my name’s Luke. I’m up in Nebraska right now for school and cause my girlfriend’s up here. If anyone’s ever in Omaha, Nebraska…massive arcade called Family Fun Center. Holy crap…2 stories of arcade games. Two 3rd strike machines, GGX2, MVC2 everything. Atlanta has what, Discovery Mill’s and one mall up north has 3rd strike.

You can get a perfect bonus on the car cause I used to do it. It is something about hitting all the parts of the car. I think it was like you had to jump on top of the car and crouch hit the top until the windshield caves in or something. Then you had to jump to one side and hit it till the door fell off and then go to the other side and just hit the damn car till it finally explodes. It was something like that, but you had to be careful to hit only until a certain damage animation on the car or else if you hit one part too much it won’t give the perfect bonus.

It was just one of those things where I read how to do it long time ago and did it a couple times and then stopped doing it cause the car bonus stage is so lame. Now I can’t remember how to do it again and it’s bugging me.

basically the good 3s players in atlanta are console warriors, even though eli(sundu on these boards) has a head to head machine, he never wants to play anymore. north dekalb got rid of 3s, lol.

If you use Gill, can you resurrect? It just never seems to work for me. :sad:

Grab a few grenades and throw them under the SUV.

Parry the Range Rover attack!

Holy Shit!!! Best Topic ever!!!

is there sumthin funky wit tha SUV’s hit box? sumtimes my karakusa whiffs ;s

I dont do anything. I like the song that plays and id rather not beat up my new ride anyway.

In other words, these people don’t know… :rolleyes: …N e ways, I’m not sure about getting “perfect”, but u can get exellent instead of great. Just hit even part of the car. That means the top and the sides of the car, and you should get an excellent. :tup:

any1 have a link to the SUV’s attack frame data?