Car Crash Help Please

My friend’s car was hit by 3 cars a week ago. It went like this

friend<------------------2nd car<-----------3rd car<—4thcar<–

The cars that had the least dashes did the most damage. Luckily, car 4 hit car 3 and car 3 hit car 2 and car 2 hit my friend. The cops came and took their stories and all that shit.

The cops gave my friend their information and now his insurance hasn’t call him to ask him what happened. He called me freaking out asking me if he should just go get the car fixed at a mechanic and then let them call the insurance up for the claim. I said no, just wait it out for the insurance to call or you call their ass up and tell them to hurry the fuck up!

His other friends said he can take it out to a car shop and get it fixed and then have the mechanic talks with the insurance. My question is this. If he takes his car to the carshop and they fix it and it turns out to be say $2k of course the fucker that hit him will pay but wouldn’t it be better to just wait it out and let the insurance send that check?

Another thing is this idiot thinks that the dude that hit him won’t have enough money to pay, I said are you on crack, his insurance will pay don’t worry.

His insurance called him a minute ago and asked him some questions.

-Do you know this is being recorded right?
-Were you going fast or slow?
-Do you want to take care of the situation or us to take care of it?

Is it me or does the dude on the phone sounds like a jackass?

Anyway, I don’t know much about car crashes, neither does my friend, so I thought you guys could help him out, that’d be great. Thx.

There is a car thread you could have asked this question in. Anyhoo

What makes you think those questions are douchey?

He needs to tell them what happened, tell them the police have everything on file (ask the police for a case number or however they recorded it).

Your friend needs to ask the insurance company how this incident will affect his policy, will his insurance go up, will he loses his no claims bonus things like that.

If negatively effects his insurance policy then he needs to sort it out with the people involved. Which sounds like a major pain in the ass since there are 4 cars involved, doubtful the guy who caused the accident will be able to pay to fix everyone’s car.

Oh ye, I forgot about the car thread. It was in the moment kind of thing.

are you fucking serious? what makes you think he won’t be able to fix everyone’s car? So if he manages to fix the other cars but not enough money to fix my friend’s car, what the hell is my friend gonna do? Pay out of his own ass?

What do you mean case number? The cops wrote down the other cars registration and license and gave my friend their info.

Why would his insurance policy go up when it’s not even his fault?

P.S This was in Virginia btw. The other 3 cars are going to court on July 15 or some shit, my friend didn’t have to

OK, let me go over a few things, since I’ve been in 4 run-ins with accidents, two weren’t my fault, the other two were.

ALL accidents will raise your insurance, because you’re a driver who puts yourself in more risk than another. It’s a dumb thing, but it’s the way it is. I had a tractor trailer back up into me and blah blah… still raised my rate. A 97 y/o woman who told my insurance company “I was looking at the children in the play ground” hits me… Not only did my rate increase, but they claimed “double no fault” and I had to pay my own way through. Albeit, $300 for a fender dent, but still, that’s some dumb shit.

The cop should have a report number and your insurance company should have claim number.

As for the cars, what will happen is this. The three other cars will be figured out, and whoever was at fault (I assume the last?) or if multiple are at fault, they will pay for your friend’s car, under one circumstance: the KBB value exceeds the price of the repairs.
In other words, if $5k in damage happened, but the car’s KBB is $4999.99, they give him a check for $5k and say “Go buy a car”

Wow, that’s some bullshit! Yes, it’s the last car’s fault. If only the 2nd car bitch didn’t stop so fucking close to my friend’s car, this shit wouldn’t have happened!! wanna strangle a bitch right now!

The cop did report the number and the claim number.

What is KBB man? The car my friend bought is 2011 ravford so its around 25+K. I hope he doesn’t have to fix his own shit with his own money. This is some bullshit!

btw: good info man!

Kelly Blue Book.

It’s how you know you’re getting a decent deal when you purchase your vehicle. It lists the agreed-upon value of every car.

A Rav4?

EDIT: Another thing
The insurance company will send an auditor out to the car to estimate damage. They usually SEVERELY underestimate the costs, but don’t think of that as a bad thing.

When the tractor backed into me, my cost was $3000 in damage. The total tally on my repairs was $4700 at the certified collision shop. The collision shop told them it would be more… so they included a free detailing, and I got the car back smelling great and not a spot to be found anywhere in the car. Full upholstery cleaning and everything.

Aka, I have no proof of this, but they probably told them it cost $5k or something, and took the extra $300 to detail my car and pocket $150.

Yeah, a 2011 Rav4

His insurance is sending somebody down to take pictures to give an estimate. I hope he gets the good end of the bargain, if not a nice ass check atleast fix everything the mofo caused to his car!

So would you recommend my friend takes his car to a carshop and have them estimate the cost to get the damage fixed or wait until the insurance people come down and estimate themselves?

Wait for the insurance. They’ll tell you who will fix it for that price. If you go to somebody unauthorized, you can possibly forfeit your rights in the matter. Meaning, somebody looking at the damage touches anything, it’s like tampering with evidence.

I almost had that happen to me. Crashed my car into a telephone pole. I broke off the glove box to get something out, and was told that I tampered with it. I took them to court and won because whether or not the glovebox happened, they’d still be estimating me the same price.

btw: I seem like a really bad driver now, after this thread…

let me explain… The area that I come from (Poconos, PA) has REALLY bad driving. The driving test was a fucking joke.
A trailer backed into me
An old lady hit me.

The two cars I wrecked were indeed me doing dumb shit.

  1. 2 months after I get my license, I think it’s OK to do 60 around a turn in the rain… Hit a tree
  2. 30+ hr work day & grad school, fell asleep at the wheel.

Alright, thanks man.

What do you mean they’ll tell him who will fix it for that price? Is the insurance gonna take the car to a random carshop and ask them for an estimate of the damage? I thought you get a check as to the estimate of the cost will be for the damage, and you can take your car to a carshop anywhere you like?

No. Mine has certified body shops they work with. The one they sent me to was called “Finish Line” and they do the repairs for the Pocono500, so they work on all the NASCAR cars that come through. They know what they’re doing.

After they estimate, you CAN bring it anywhere, but it’s not advisable. If they estimate $5k, write a check for $5k, and you go to some other person that charges $6k, the insurance company will say “uhh, you didn’t go to our guy, and our guys said it was $5k. tough luck kid”

Thanks a lot man!! You’ve been a great help. I appreciated.

Now, I gotta get a hold of this mofo and help his ass out as to what he should do.

P.S I’ll keep you updated if ya interested after all this shit goes down.

One more question.
The fucker that hit my friend’s car lives in Virginia. The accident happened in Virginia. We live in PA. My question is how long will it take for the jackass insurance company to come down to PA to look at my friend’s car to give him his estimate, as well as my friend’s insurance company to come and check it out?

That might take a while… I ran into probs in VA when I was living in PA… I hate Virginia… lmao

I had a speeding ticket, 5mph over going down hill… In PA, I can bring it to the courthouse and they kill it right there.

I waited 5 months before VA got back to me and said “Don’t worry about the ticket, it’s been voided”

DAMN!! What will happen if this shit takes too long? Will my friend still get his car fixed or will the other mofos in Virginia have their case solved before my friend? If ther case is solved, the mofo still has to fix my friend’s car right or will he not enough money to pay for my friend’s car? If anything, he should get his shit done first since they were the one who fucking ram into his ass. This whole car crash thing is so bullshit!!

BTW: Virginia drivers are fucking assholes. These mofos tailgate so close to your ass like they want it bad!!

J.Scogz are you my asian wife? WTF man, with your driving record…

No, but I am Asian.

J. Scogz, everything is done, the check will be sent soon. I wanted to thank you for helping my friend out man. Appreciated! :slight_smile: