Car key replacements

i called my honda dealer to get a key for my 06 civic si and they said its 100 for the key and 50 to program it. thats way to much for me. anyway i found this site and they have my keys for 40 bucks. has anyone ever ordered from here?? or does anyone know wherelese to get keys from

I bought a remote for my car from which required me to self-program. I’m not sure if the product is defective or I’m not following the procedure right but the remote sure ain’t working. I’m suppose insert the key in the car like 6x times within 10sec and the hazard lights are suppose to flash. The manual says a common error is not inserting the key fast enough but I did it pretty darn quick. Never got them lights to flash =(

call the number on and talk to them they have tech support for those kinda things. maybe u gotta defective remote.

man all this electronic shit sucks. i lost my key and it cost me 15 bucks to replace it.

If you have a chip in your key, you pretty much have to go to the dealer. All of my friends who tried anything but OEM have had no success pairing the key to the ECU.

they must have went to newb locksmiths lol. i ordered my key on and went to a locksmith i know that has the machines to cut and program the keys. as long as the locksmith has the tools to do it u can get it done. im never goin to a dealership to get a key. they wanted to charge like 100 to program it. i got it done for 30 bucks.