**This is a concept drawing for the 5th Ninja turtle. Its a contest over on another forum. I thought I’d share it here, since there was a Ninja Turtle fighting game once.

As always, C+C is more than welcome.**




Wow, this pic is excellent. It looks real…:cool:


Good to another pic from you again

This is really bad ass! Does he have a weapon? or are those spikes on his hand his weapon? I honestly cant find anything wrong with it.


Yeah, his left arm is covered with armor and spikes. Its his weapon of choice.


Kinda like that guy from Samurai Showdown, eh? (surprized at myself for not being able to recall the name)

Also, who’s Caravaggio? I’ve never heard of such artist… Then again, I’ve never seen any art by Donathelo and Raphael, either.

If I were to make a Ninja Turtle I’d call him Salvador (Dali) or M.C. (Escher) Who are my two favourite classic artists (though Escher is actually an achitect).


:eek: wow that’s nice, that is badass


I looove the shading on his shell and arms/legs, like how it’s done with a series of lines, that’s always been a huge favorite of mine.

Good job. Do you have a gallery / portfolio online I can parouse about in?



Neither of those two are classical, they’re both modern.


the 4 TMNT are all named from a book on Renaissance artists that Splinter found in the sewers. Caravaggio, too, is a Renaissance artist and therefore would fit in just fine :slight_smile:

Brain Digger:
you’re thinking of Neinhalt Sieger :slight_smile:

the idea is cool and the artwork is awesome as usual :slight_smile:
would’ve been cooler if Carvaggio used an authentic Japanese weapon, though… complement the rest of the TMNT better :slight_smile:



**Yeah, I snatched the idea from Samurai Showdown. The weapons in that game tend to be very exotic, and downright crazy, so I figured I’d go there for a little inspiration. :slight_smile:

I also wanted to give him a more authentic weapon, but each one I came up with seemed a bit “plain”. I wanted my turtle to stand out a little, without veering too far off from the overall ninja turtle theme.

Anyways enough whining from me :lol: thanks for the comments everyone.**


**I have a small online gallery that I use to host images off of. I have to keep adding/removing stuff though.

Here’s the online portfolio;

Here’s some of my previous posts on this website;**


Yeah, I just don’t know a thing about Renaissance artists… Only Comix and Manga artists.

You got just the guy, I was afraid that the first guess would be Gen-An. The word “judge” was stuck in my mind when I thought of it… I was looking for something with G or J…

vega-x, anything not Comix or Manga is classic in my eyes.:wink:


oooooh. Beautiful drawing. I wish I could use black shapes like that. If you could find a way to pop that hand into the foreground more, it would be perfect. Maybe put a stronger line weight on its contours, or darken the leg behind it, or both.

PS- Nice choice of name ^_~


iirc, Caravaggio’s first name was Michelangelo :stuck_out_tongue:

great pic tho. the pose is sweet, but putting his left hand where the right foot might’ve shown had me confused a bit. hope to see more of this 5th turtle :slight_smile:



:eek: Well I’m owned for life.:o


what color would his headband be?


everyone knows the 5th turtle is VENUS DE MILO.

or ernie reyes jr.

or that black guy carter whatshisface who ruled the ninja turtles with an IRON FIST.


Hey must have missed this one. Nice pic man and great choice in name. I like your shadow work.


hey, so i am not the only one who draws the TMNT.

nice pic, i expected to see a renaissance pic when i entered the forum. but this pic isnt bad either. i didnt follow the turtles comic, so i didnt even know that there was a fifth turtle. i thought hanzou made one up. cool armor and stuff. very snkish.

and yes, caravaggio is the name of THE michelangelo.