Carbon Fiber Shaft & DustCover sets

Hey guys I have been doing the shaft/dustcover’s a while now and have had quite a few request for Carbon Fiber Dust/shaft covers.

I’m looking to do a set a little thicker than the Big pockets ones with a bevel I do love bevels:wasted:

So post your questions if your looking for other dust/shaftcover please refer to my other thread

**As always I guarantee everything is to your satisfaction **

  1. theBAYsics ** payed in full**
  2. Francys Pai ** payed in full**
  3. beastSPL ** payed in full**
  4. undisclosed SRK member JLF $6 Down
  5. “” JLF set
  6. “” LS-32 set
    Carbon Fiber ordered and New Mold Wax

Waiting List/Interested
1.W00P MstR FresH
7.etownnipples for two sets

i didn’t even see this thread until i saw your post in the trading outlet. will the dust cover be the same size as the beveled clear you sent me? (approx 2") i’m down for 1 set for sure, maybe 2.

edit: will want for JLF

Only if they’re LS-32 compatible like BP’s.

sorry for late reply I will Pm you. yeah sure I can do one or two for JLF

Yeah LS-32 is no problem everything is hand molded no prefab stuff so it no problem

Sure. I’ll take one.

Pm’ed info

i would like to be an investor :smiley: a JLF set please

pm’ed info

Im interested BUT can I see an example since you made some in the past? I have to visualize if it will look good on my vewlix clone cab :wink:

I’m having a hard time finding the pictures I took I used to use a photobucket or something before but I cant seem to find the account This is a image of Big Pockets covers not mine

the set I did before the dustcover was thicker

When is this likely to happen? I’d LOVE an LS-32 and 2 JLF sets but I already have 2 projects on at the moment already so won’t be able to afford more for at least another month.

Edit: I’ll try to get a better photo of the big pockets set tomorrow if it’s any use

I’d be interested in a shaft cover mostly, would go awesome with my Juni/Juli stick. Are you doing them seperate or do they HAVE to be as a Dust/shaft cover set?

umm…I’ll Pm you

Updated orders

I have all the 5+ preorders that I wanted so everyone else sorry…jk

If any one else is thinking of getting one I will put you on a list in order that you post here on this thread (not in pm’ing me) I should be able to produce a decent amount more I just want to keep numbers down before I promise too many sets to people

The carbon fiber is on its way and I ordered some super nice new molding wax too :tup:

I want a set jlf size

I’m interested. set for jlf would be perfect.

If I can still participate in this I would love a set of the shaft cover and dust cover for a JLF. Let me know thanks!


Thanks guys I update the first post that you guys are interested

Received Carbon fiber today Just waiting on my new Molding wax to make me a purdy New Dust/shaft Cover Mold for some carbon fiber magic