Carbondale, Illinois: 10/9 - Missing Person rocks the fail bling!


Just seeing who else is from the Southern Illinois area. I guess more specifically, the Carbondale area.

Just starting to get back into fighting games, but a long-time Street Fighter head.


Meetups are happening at my apartment in Harrisburg. They typically happen on Thursdays, but have happened on other days as well. Usually start around 6pm and ends when the last person clears out.

Some basic ground rules:

  1. Keep it respectful. We do talk smack, but generally, if you’re new, might want to keep the smack talk down until we know you a little bit. Random guy mouthing off = you might just be a douche. If we know you, and you know us, and you mouth off = well…YOU’RE A TOWEL!

  2. Bring money to help with food costs. I’m by no means rich (Considering where I reside, this is clear). Just a few bucks to pay for pizza or bring an entree to share, and you’re hype.

  3. We play on Xbox 360. If you don’t have a stick, we have a couple you can play on, so long as you don’t mind playing on Seimitsu or Korean parts.

  4. We play quarter match style, unless we decide to run a random house tournament. We will, however accomodate requests to play certain people, doubly so if we have multiple setups on a certain date. We also lock characters on wins, arcade style. If however, you want to learn a certain matchup, feel free to ask, if any of us know that character we will work with you on it.

  5. We have a weird tradition at game night, one that requires STORY TIME:

At one meetup, I took This Burger’s car 2 blocks to go get soda from the pizzeria when the delivery guy forgot to bring them with him. The key for his car was bent already, and I was not made aware of this. When I went to shut off his car at the store, the key broke off in the ignition. So I had to turn it on/off on the way back with a random screwdriver This Burger had on his keychain. The next week, This Burger shows up with the top half of the key fashioned into a necklace. We call this…Fail Bling.

This necklace is reserved for those who…well, fail. So basically, if you get perfected, you have to wear the fail bling. You wear it until someone else gets perfected, then it is passed on. If no one gets perfected by the end of the night, you will be required to wear it when you show up next time. If you are not at a game night, the bling cannot change hands, so in order to remove yourself from this position of shame, you have to show up and wait for someone to get perfected, or perfect someone yourself. We will also post up the keeper of the bling in the title of our thread, because we’re pretty douchey like that.

If you are planning on showing up, PM me for my address and phone number. (I have a keycard entry system at the entrances of my building, no intercom system, so you have to call or text me to let me know you are here so that I can go downstairs to let you in.)


yo! i live in o’fallon il which is right by downtown stl. anywhere near you?


Like about 2 hours away from me.


yeesh… what you playin?


For a while, I’m going to be playing Super Street Fighter II Turbo and 3rd Strike.

I’ll probably toy around with Alpha 3 some too, but not as much as the above two titles. I actually had to ebay the games, because I no longer had a copy of any Street Fighter game.


i know a couple o things for 3s but very liitle about st. we should try and get some games in sometime. there was another thread that some ppl were posting in about s. IL but that was a lil while back.

do you think youll be going to midwest championships?


Definitely not going this year. I just literally started getting back into it this month, so there’s little time for me to prepare at all, and little advance warning for me to take off to nbrook.

I’m definitely going to make it in 2009. I’m planning on going up to Indianapolis in September for their tournament.

But yeah, definitely, I’m looking to get some games together. Like I said, I have no titles right now, I ebayed Street Fighter Collection for PS1 so that I’ll have ST, i’m waiting for it to arrive. A friend from Indy is selling me his SFAA, and bought me a copy of SFAC on the cheap. So within the week, I should be good.

I had a dude that I worked with that was a Smash Bros head, going to tournaments almost every week in DuQuoin, Carbondale, and the like, I just don’t know the locations, or if anyone locally is running SF tournaments.


Indianapolis tournament is July 12th, sorry for the confusion. Hope you can still make it.


Meh, doubtful, then. Maybe the next one that goes down, because I’m definitely looking for an excuse to visit Nap again.


kinkey, I got your PM, but I pretty much have to work every weekend unless I ask for it off in advance, so yesterday was a definite no-go for me on gaming.

I got ST in the mail Friday, and a friend of mine from Indy is bringing me a copy of AA and AC next weekend, so I’ll be set on practicing for a while.


I’m between Du Quoin and Carbondale in a small town called Elkville. I have occasional casual tournaments with my friends in Super Turbo. I’m sure once HD Remix and SF IV comes out, I’ll be having some tournaments with my friends and trying to get them into competitively playing. Right now I’d consider myself the most competitive player out of them, but I’m not really the best SF player.

I met a guy in Carbondale last year while I was going to school at SIU and we played some Super Turbo at his place. He posts on here but I’m not really sure if hes in the area or not still. His user name is SergioV.

I just sent you a PM too before I realized you posted this message in this forum. I actually saw your location from one of your posts in the SF IV pre order thread and then sent you a PM.


You are not as far away as I originally thought, one hour away.

I keep hearing of game tournaments in DuQuoin all the time, but that was from a former coworker, and he was more into Brawl, so I never heard anything about Street Fighter, if there are even tournaments in that area.


Let’s bump this, see if anything has changed.

Is there anyone that actually plays in this area that sees this? The only one I know of is Brillo in Mt. Vernon, let’s see if there’s any more.


I thought I would do a quick search of Carbondale, IL and found this thread! LOL

If you guys are ever down for some SF, whatever game it may be, I’m down. Don’t worry, I’m a PRO (1337)

:cool: :tup:


I’m really pushing for some of my guys to learn SF, but it’s a losing battle. All of them are pretty solid Soul Calibur players, and I highly doubt it would take them long to learn the nuances of Street Fighter, but it’s just impossible convincing them.

Either way, we’ll have to play some on XBL at least man!


So to anyone who may be in the area, I am working on getting a huge meetup at my place on May 1st, the Friday following the release of SSFIV. It’s in Harrisburg, not Cdale, so about an hour drive, but it will be worth it.

So please come, if you can invite friends. PM me for directions, tell me how many you’re bringing with you, so I can plot out how many setups I’ll need to have, or if I’ll have to move the setup to the public area of my apartment building (so we won’t have my neighbors banging on my door all night, telling us to lower the volume).


Yo Corey, is there TvC action out there?


I’m an international student here from Japan in Cape Girardeau and I play sf4 on my PC. I know nobody around Cape Girardeau playing sf4 or tekken. It’s good to know someone in Carbondale who’s passionate about fighting game.


Oh crap. There’s actually people in/around the Carbondale area who plays SFIV besides me, and a few friends of mine who rarely play? That is impressive! ;D


Jeff, not yet!

I really want a Wii + that game. If you’re ever in the area, get at me, and bring your Wii, I’d like to get acquainted with TVC

Glad to see some bumps. amberpo, if you ever find yourself in the Carbondale area, let us know!

Nexus, if you can, head over this way on the 1st, we’re hoping to have a good turnout for Super that Friday!