Card Fighters DS English Card pics?

Does anyone know if these have been ripped yet? I saw one floating around as someone’s avatar, but I forgot who it was. Basically, I want it so I can see what characters are in the game and where they come from (I don’t know EVERYTHING about SNK and Capcom characters to yeah.)

Before someone posts links to Japanese ones, I’ve seen them and it would be easier if I could find English ones. No CFC1 or 2 ones either. I’ve already seen those. ;/

Many thanks to anyone who can provide them. :smiley:

I posted a different link sorry.

these? . . . .I only have the character cards linked. . .

I guess you don’t know what “English” means. :rolleyes:

I posted the Japanese ones earlier too. :stuck_out_tongue:

So does anyon have a link to them or not? ;/

ENGLISH Sprite rips. Not JAPANESE. Not that hard to figure out.

They have only been ripped from the Japanese rom, at the moment there are no rips from the English version of the game. If you want them so bad then rip them yourself or ask for + look up the characters you do not recognize.

I don’t know how to rip sprites. I usually don’t play illegal ROMs so that’s why I am hoping someone has done it yet.

PROTIP: When you’re asking someone to do something for you, being rude to them sure won’t help you get what you need. Actually, I hope no one does post some up. Learn some freaking manners, ass.